DoT damage on Maliwan SMGs

I realized the damage over time is increased, as I watched a Torgue Bulletstormer melted away when I reloaded my gun. I was playing in UVHM.

But is it really?

I checked the gun card info. The DoT damage on card of Maliwan SMGs never surpass the impact damage, the only one comes near the impact damage was Hellfire. Now I have a regular blue corrosive Maliwan SMG and it got 6000 DoT damage, and 4800 impact damage.

Am I missing something? I don’t see it mentioned in the latest update information.

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Are you playing as Maya?

No, playing as Krieg, specced into Mania and Bloodlust.

I have no clue then either sorry. Made do some test on the dummy and just account for fact flesh resit corrosive.

Seems like that all brands got buffed, as I just got a Hyperion SMG with higher DoT than base damage. Hellfire Krieg is going to rock even more

Hey mate!

Post up a build and the items you were using on the Krieg section. (Sorry if you have already).

I’m certain they’d have a good idea.

(As spoken by a fellow Krieg).

Wow that’s amazing. I have yet to find an SMG with a DoT damage higher than impact damage other than Maliwan. Is your Hyperion SMG has the Maliwan barrel?

I’m currently leveling and I use standard RtB and Bloodlust, trying to reach Bloodsplosion. I do plan to use this char with a Hellborn/Bloodlust build at endgame, though.

IIRC, it was Dahl barrel. I got a corrosive Bandit SMG with higher DoT too.
I wonder if they fixed the AR negative crit modifier.

A Dahl-barreled Hyperion SMG will have pretty low base damage (and SMGs in general have low base damage too), so for it to have higher DoT than base damage is not necessarily surprising.

instead of comparing its base damage to its DoT damage, comparing its DoT damage to the DoT of any other gun of the same level would be a better point of comparison.

Another thing to consider is rarity: a low rarity gun will have lower base damage but it will not affect the DoT value.

Looks like I have to farm some more to see clearer results.

I did, I compared it to a lvl 50 Kitten and a lvl 50 Pimpernel. My SMG was indeed two level higher, but the small level difference wouldn’t make twice as much damage difference.

My Maliwan SMG was blue rarity and got more DoT than base damage. My Hyperion was green, thou.

But I dont remember ever seeing something like this before. The base damage was never lower than the DoT.

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That’s what I meant.

I remember seeing DoT damage higher than base damage often before. I don’t think this is anything new or special.
SMGs have low base damage, and DoT damage is only dependent on level.

weird, I never see DoT damage higher than base damage except on Crit, Hellfire, and several select ones.

If you look at low rarity Maliwan SMGs, like white ones in vending machines, their DoT is almost twice their base damage.

In short, this isn’t a new thing.

DoT values may have changed, but if they did it’s not by much.

You saw it with the new patch, didn’t you?

I’m 100% sure before the patch, no Maliwan SMG other than select few has its DoT damage more than its impact damage.

The difference is not significant, yes. Around 150%, I’d say.

No, I’m telling you that I saw SMGs with more DoT damage than base damage since I started playing.

A simple trip to the old gear calc (that hasn’t been updated in years) will tell you as much.

For example.

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Thanks Chuck for the proof. I forgot the GearCalc’s existence. Case closed, I think.

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