#DOTs suck on OP8

People always complain about DOTs on OP8. Yes, they are worse than on OP0, BUT K can make them work, NO MATTER WHAT WEAPON ('long as they fire).

@xmngr Sound on now!

When you said “NO MATTER WHAT WEAPON”, I was expecting the video to show more than just Slagga and Incendiary Lyuda. Perhaps showcase a Corrosive weapon too?

Also… lol @ train. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I meant that any weapon that has base DOTs, (Lyuda has same DOTs as a green shotgun)

Yeah, corrosive can’t get boosted by K…
But gaige can.


(Hate to laugh at your misfortune, but the train was funny. I hate them with a passion as well.)

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Maya can also boost it well, not as good as Gaige I don’t think tho.

Um. Not sure if you’re joking? The Net can get confusing when inside jokes and their nuances aren’t shared by everyone.

As of the patch, Maya can clear OP8 Washburne with a lvl 1 weapon without breaking a sweat.

If you mean: does Maya have specific skills to boost corrosive damage besides Cloud Kill, then no, apart from relatively weak boosts to Helios and Blight Phoenix. She does have the Witch COM, but as far as I know that hasn’t had its scaling fixed and is still not a good choice.
Not that she needs to worry anymore…

Yeah, I was being serious, the witch COM, there are only 2 characters that can boost Corrosive DPTs, her and gaige.

OK. I edited my post, not sure if the page updated properly.
But yes, as a standalone damage-type boost, Maya’s witch COM was meant to do that, but didn’t do it very well.
Now that Cloud Kill has been turned into hell on earth for every type of armored target and a pretty rotten place for everything else, that doesn’t matter much anymore.

Krieg has the best straight boosts to DoT, but Gaige has compound synergy with EBurn. I don’t know which one has the best pure DoT potential overall but it’s clear that no one else even comes close, not even Maya.

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Got to talking about CK with a couple of friends last night since we’re seeing more and more weirdness and inconsistency.
The straight ‘side’ DOT to it hasn’t been fixed, it’s still a few pathetic Ks.

The question was raised what it even is, in terms of game mechanics? It’s not a DOT for all that it acts somewhat like it. The order in which you apply slag sometimes affects the procs, sometimes not. There might be some similarity there to the old (and fixed) problem with Gaige’s S&A locking poorly scaled DOT procs for the duration.
It shouldn’t spread anymore, but sometimes it does. Some weapon splash (notably Slow Hand) doesn’t make it proc.
Kinetic Reflection can proc it, but reflected bullets can turn corrosive in mid-air (roughly like the element swap glitch) and proc corrosive DOTs of a lower order - a couple of hundred Ks - while a Cloud is still active.

@bew_ has some observations and vid, I’ll try to get him to summarize that.

I’m in entirely the wrong forum yet again, but there seems to be plenty of weirdness with CK after the patch, for all that I’m loving it.

Cloud kill is a Field that does corrosive damge in an AOE, it is not a DOT. it can proc DOTs though. it is only proced by bullet impacts, so pure splash guns like the slow hand will not proc it.

‘Field’ works, I guess, although I’m still uncertain how the engine handles it.

WRT procs, I’ve heard different WRT splash damage, namely that weapons with grenade splash won’t proc it (only the main bullet will) whereas weapon splash - Slow Hand, Carnage and others - will.

I’ve urged @bew_ to write up some things he found while recording, better to wait for him to sum it up when he’s double-checked his findings.

It’s really late here, hope to pick things up tomorrow.