Double barrel clone - Your opinion on the best weapon

I’ve ran a few test. While the ION Canon is funny, the clone often os itself against melee enemies.

I’ve found him to really wreck with the Light show (obviously).

What weapon have you used that turned it into the strongest/funniest killing machine?

Lvl 57 OPQ is still EXTREMELY good with transformer shield so he doesn’t murder himself. I seen a video from Thiccfila talking about that new hellshock pistol from DLC 3 and it looked super legit. I can’t really tell because it wrecks so hard but when I boss sometimes I’ll throw out the backburner and well between both of us shooting it’s just sorta demolished if it’s a boss good for backburner anyways.

it is pretty much opq backburner skeksil followed by scourge and scoville if it did not kill him

Does that also happen if you run a Transformer and a Shock ION canon?

OPQ benefits from a double buff to the shock splash. I am using one with the asa 200% anoint. Clone is one tapping most regular mob enemies. Couple of taps on a badass and 4ish on anointed.

One thing I notice is that the shock splash is much more regular than when I fire it. It seems to be doing the splash damage on every hit.

Here, this might be useful:


I’ll second the Light Show. I was meh at first with that pistol, but a few more trials and yeah, it’s really good.

I’ll spawn the clone in a doorway with the Show, then run away, and he kills half the mob before I turn back.

And yes, the OPQ is still fine. I was worried that the lvl 57 might fade at lvl 60, but with both me and the clone it still kills fast.

OPQ-System or Sandhawk.

OPQ for me. It’s nuts.

I’ve been using Kaoson, Light Show, and Soulrender mostly. Backburner is a monster too.

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OPQ if you have it, it has double-stats right now (until they likely nerf that) or the light show is amazing. Back burner is good as well, and the Flipper

Until they fix Zane Clone’s double-dipping into stat bonuses, I don’t think anything can top the O.P.Q. It’s shock explosions are in the millions, constantly.

Outside of that, the Light Show, Backburner, Sandhawk, and Beacon (constant novas) are all good choices. Since the clone constantly fires and thus constantly reloads, I’m considering playing around with some of the Torgue weapons with sticky explosives to see how it fares.

With the OPQ you don’t even need to hold a weapon yourself :smiley:

Will that work? I’m not sure the clone can use alt fire modes. Certainly can’t for maliwan weapons.

I said opq before n ill say it again.

It was his best weapon pre and post patch with transformer shield.

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Shock Backburner with Transformer is my pick. But I have laser fare, healy avenger and buddy system so I need the splash to delete anything on screen.

I’ve been using a cryo light show with my Zane CCC build. Clone is pretty great with it… got to get him in closer but he freezes and drops enemies well

Pick a kinetic one and the clone will delete everything

Only found the one so far but I’ll keep an eye out

Was mostly thinking about the Spade, Contained Blast, etc.