Double bonus package

Has anyone else ever had boom and bewm ever drop a bonus package each

Not me… just one at a time here

I just thought it was lucky enough to post I started a new Maya for a scavenger run and got 2 bonus packages at the same time lol

No never here just the one

Only double drop I’ve ever had was from the Warrior it was a loguns gun and a flacker at lvl 72 end of uvhm

I’m positive I’ve seen it a few times in the Item Finds of the Day thread. So it’s a rare occurrence, but not that rare.

I don’t know what the odds are, but it is statistically possible. Like others in the thread, I’ve seen a double drop, just not from B’n’B (got mine form the Handsome Sorcerer IIRC.)

Yes. It happened to me a few weeks back, for the first and only time playing the game for years.

Happened to me yesterday in UVHM with my lv52 siren. All I can say is: yeah!!!

Unfortunately not, I’m always surprised to have the one drop, let alone two!

That’s just it I’ve had double drops but never the same thing from 2 different enemys in the same fight.
I’ve tumba and pimona drop me there’s in the same fight but not the same thing lol

I’ve gotten this occurrence once… not sure if the Legendary drop boost hotfix was active then or not.

Kind of surprised no one has put up the Double Rainbow video yet.

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Stingy buggers have only ever dropped ONE, ever, for me. It was my first ever playthrough back in 2012, playing Axton. First ever orange in BL2 and I thought it was going to rain orange.

Luckily Bonus Packages drop everywhere else for me.

Sorry for the necro post but since this happend the 3 new characters I have made have all had both of them drop a bonus package. One is always lobbed with a 0.0 fuse and the other is always lobbed with 1.2 fuse lol.

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Always on the story kill to lol.