Double Dragon Amara

Hey everyone! Just been trying out a new build using an underrated class mod and found some wierd synergy going on and thought it deserved a post.
Also be gentle. It’s my first ever post. Any criticism or suggestions are more than welcome.

Notable gear;

Facepuncher shotgun: every pellet counts as melee and gets bonuses from melee damage

Brawler ward: 300% extra melee damage when depleted, 20% extra gun damage when depleted.

Unleash the dragon relic: 100% chance to ignite an enemy for 20% melee damage per tick.

Dragon class mod: killing an enemy with melee activates Amaras action skill augment, boosts restless, do harm, and remnant.

Its piss grenade: enemies take 20% additional damage from all sources.

Brawler tree

0-3/3 personal space: increases damage the closer you are.
EDIT: Upon further testing this skill does not increase melee damage and therefore doesn’t work with the facepuncher. Your choice- invest 3 points here or invest in root to rise.

5/5 clarity: health regen, doubles after using action skill

3/3 Samsara: stacking bonuses to gun damage and health regen

3/5 helping hands: helping hands has diminishing returns on damage reduction so we only put 3 here

1/1 find your center: we are here for the 100% extra melee damage

3-5/5 one with nature: extra health and elemental resist, also has diminishing returns so you could substitute/split these points with root to rise for more max health, your choice.

5/5 Jab cross: melee hits increase our gun damage and action skill damage for a few seconds.

1/1 blitz: we are here for the increased melee damage again.

Mystical assault tree:

5/5 do harm: killing an enemy gives us rush stacks and increase our action skill damage when consumed.

1/5 violent tapestry: we just have 1 point here so that any dots we land also grant us additional rush stacks. This pairs well with the relic we are using.

5/5 restless: this gives us more uptime for our action skill, always nice to have since we are using samsara for damage and survivability

4/5 Alacrity: we want to reload fast to increase our DPS, alternatively you can leave 1 point here and dump 3 points into transcend instead.

1/1 Ascendant: increases the duration of our augment, giving us a bit more time to kill enemies off before they can react.

3/3 Laid bare: increases damage after we use our action skill

3/3 wrath: increases gun damage, doubles after action skill.

We will be using the Downfall action skill and augmenting it with stillness of mind.

So far I know this looks kinda strange atm but hopefully I can explain how this works.

I noticed that the facepuncher seems to get additional damage from gun damage buffs aswell as converting that damage into melee. So what we are doing here is trying to loop our gun damage and melee damage together and buffing our action skill damage in the process.

  1. Toss grenade to make enemy take 20% extra damage.
  2. Blitz debuffed enemy, this will do good damage but also procs jab cross
  3. Use Downfall action skill. Downfalls laser procs multiple stacks of samsara. Also the enemies will be phase locked thanks to stillness of mind rendering them helpless, they are also still debuffed from “its piss” and now take extra damage from laid bare, and more from wrath.
  4. Shoot the face puncher, the face puncher should now be buffed from all your passive melee skills, samsara, and laid bare.
  5. the enemies light on fire thanks to the unleash the dragon relic. Gaining us stacks of rush. The ignite damage is also based off our melee damage.
    Any enemy you kill using the facepuncher will proc stillness of mind on the surrounding enemies. repeat this process until everyone is dead.

That’s the build in a nutshell, it’s pretty good at battlefield control and clearing mobs. I’m not confident in its ability to take down any bosses though. Mostly I wanted to use a class mod that wasnt the phasezerker or the Breaker and thought the dragon was really cool with its added ability of using your augment on a melee kill.

Anyway please feel free to let me know what you think, what you would change, or if you think this build is bad lol.

Edit: I have another variation of this build. Instead of going for the brawler capstone I’ve also tried going all the way down the mystical assault tree and getting Avatar. I’m still testing to see which one works best.

All tests were done on normal mode, mayhem 3.


I heard conflicting Info from a YouTuber that any skills that buff gun damage do not benefit face puncher.

Now I am confused.

I believe a get boosted by weapon damage not gun damage

I have heard conflicting things too. I need to test for myself, but I belive “gun damage” does not stack with face puncher, but “weapon damage” does.

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I just went and did some tests on gigamind. No mayhem mode, so no variables effecting the tests.

So 0 skill points invested, point blank shot from the face puncher did 2089
Next I specced up the mystical assault tree, which doesnt have any bonuses to melee damage. I took do harm, restless, alacrity, so I could unlock wrath. Wrath only increases gun damage.
My next point blank shot against gigamind did 2506.
Next run I used phasegrasp before I took the shot 2923.

So I do believe it gets bonuses from normal gun damage buffs

This was the video in question. He mentioned all the skills that buff gun damages does nothing to Face puncher.

I am not paid to promote him, just to be clear. Only used for this discussion.

I’m getting different results than what the youtuber is claiming. So far gun damage does boost facepuncher damage in my tests. I’ll test damage in relation to personal space. Brb.

Playing online offline PC playstation xbox because different things happen on different platforms for some reason

All tests were done online and on PC.
Personal space did no additional damage with either the face puncher or melee. I’ll need to update the build.

I think personal space is still good to have eventually we will have enough points to be melee and gun play based

Like you do a blitz get up close unload your face puncher in someone face when you have to reload just switch to a different gun and destroyed them

Maybe, but as of right now it looks like “gun damage” increases facepuncher’s damage output and “weapon damage” does not. Fortunately that only hurts personal space. I’ll update the build up top.

Has anyone else had a chance to run this setup yet?

Weird that we get different results on different platforms honestly gun damage should build it up because it is a gun weapon damage also should because it’s a weapon

I agree. The current effect is “bonus damage”. That’s a pretty broad stroke so I took it as a given that it would increase melee damage. shrug

Weapon damage on class mods boost facepuncher whereas shotgun damage damage does not

Even though you get fire ticks from the Dragon relic from Facepuncher, the DoT seems to be based on a per pellet amount. Doing a straight up punch proc’d a higher amount of damage per tick than Facepuncher for me.

Yeh the info on that video is wrong

Personal space doesn’t boost facepuncher damage, most other weapon/gun damage bonuses do. You can find the info here

Double dragon might not be the best title. It’s a slang term for Gastroenteritis or really any stomach sickness that causes you to have diarrhea and vomiting simultaneously.

Unless that was your intention in which case carry on haha.

…I do believe their name was a reference to the NES Classic Double Dragon video game, and the fact that it’s a Dragon COM and Unleash the Dragon Artifact

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This is what I thought of, as well.