Double Healers Viable? Or A Waste Of A Tactical Slot?

So, played a fair amount of matches as Ambra lately where we have had myself as Ambra but also a Miko and then a ranged, a tank, and a wave clearer, and we have absolutely dominated.

So, from an optimal team comp viewpoint, does a team benefit from having two healers or is having a second healer a waste of a team slot that could be filled by another role?

Thanks in advance!

It’s viable and people do usually prefer it.

You can save two people at a time instead of 1.

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Two support is great but 2 dedicated healers is a waste.


No need for 2 straight health heal spec characters, if nothing else because you will loose to any team with plenty of wound abilities. But mix up those 2 characters specs to fit into other rolls as well and your on a roll.


I get pretty offensive as Ambra!

I’m always off attacking…

I think it can be viable, but at the same time can backfire horribly. If the opposing team has wounds combined with burst damage you are screwed. An isic just demolishes 2 support teams.


Two supports will destroy a wide majority of comps in Incursion due to it’s One Lane property. A straight healing build (Miko, Reyna, Ambra, Alani) combined with a support that can be built to damage (Alani, Reyna, Kleese, Ambra) can make any situation of taking center incursion hell if the tank and other two attackers are good enough and use their abilities accordingly. THey don’t do more damage, they just outlive you in a since.

In Meltdown it’s not so practical as sustaining one lane doesn’t equate a victory and if you try to push three at a time between lanes you might be too slow and minions could be pushed through. Also it’s easier to flank on Meltdown.

In Capture it’s probably the least practical cause your going for kills and holding up to three positions. Having 2 supports try and sustain one point will not equate to a victory at all and moving three people at a time can equate to a loss if the opposing team is taking your points as fast as you are moving to the others.


I notice Ambra and Alani being classified as both support and healers here…?

Miko is really the only dedicated healer in the game. The others are combat healers, Alani especially because until she gets the skill where she builds stack from riptide she MUST attack to build stacks in order to do decent healing. Ambra on the other hand can do pure healing but If you have an Ambra that is only doing healing then they are doing it wrong. Ambra is a territorial murderess w/ a hint of assassin in her.:smile_cat:


Pretty easy to just heal allies with sun spots and put an offensive front with her at the same time.
People make it seem like doing both is impossible on her.

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And how is that (talking about the wound helix?) I notice I do good and see people do good against those teams with him but how


That’s how I play her!

Well with double supports your offense is weakened in some way which can be exploited in various ways whether it’s damage output, objection takedown, minion clear, defense, offense projection+harass, and method of healing.

Oh it was about how ISIC is so effective against them, but thanks anyway

ISIC has a 1.5 second wound on all targets he hits if he picks that helix.
Mainly as long as that guy is debuffed the healer has to invest more healing into them to make up for the loss of the healing received on that ally due to wound which means loss of time for healing others.

Wound lowers the amount of damage needed out out burst the heals of the enemy healer or shorten the amount of time the enemy is given from the healer to escape/do damage.

Yeah I thought it was that, question do you still wish it was a slow

The Wound is good but the slow was better but it wasn’t really needed on ISIC and gave his team too much of an edge. His Charge gun isn’t really hard land shots with since it travels pretty fast and the slow basically made his damage nearly unmissable unless you has cover.

Yeah I geusse it goes with his personality too, I just wish they changed the name of the helix

As a few people stated it can be nice, but against a wound centric team it can pretty much cripple the team. We used to run an Alani/Ryena duo before wound was prevalent, and it worked out amazingly, but now if there’s a wounder on the team, and they know what they’re doing with their wound, they can pretty much wreck any dual support team. I’ve noticed a lot of WF and Calds just spamming wounds when a healer is even IN the area just to slow down the other team.

Personally though I think Ryena + any healer is a good combo, since at least Ryena has some other support capabilities and isn’t as slowed down by wound. Also Kleese and Ambra can make a terrifying combo with rifts and sunspots for offence and defence. It’s really all about how your team plays, and how the other team counters.

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Can someone please explain to me how exactly Wound works?

And how you know if you’re wounded?

I remember never taking the Wound when I was Mastering Gali…maybe I should have been?