Double/mid thralls problems

Please, someone please fcking explain why in the absolute shtting hell these things are able to use their sentry grenades instead of their regular grenades (which already do a f*ck ton of dmg) and one shot nearly every character with ease. I get that they should be a bit challenging to get considering how fast they can take down a sentry, but this is just ridiculous.


“For the same reason injection has pushback, and flashbang detonating mid-air without hitting anything.” -@lolattheseforums

Did i just blow your mind?

Haha, seriously though, it pisses me off too; to the point where i never solo the damn things anymore, for fear of causing a 4v5 by accident.


Because people actually think this is the way to make things challenging.


…There was a rant about these nades recently in the Steam forums.
I wondered if they even saw the MX Elite in the Attikus dlc :blush:

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Well that’s dumb :confused:

Tell me about it!
There are so many ways to make things challenging. Tweaking numbers to ridiculous levels is not it!


YEAH, unless it’s a buff to Toby! I love that we’re on the same page here!

Even worse is killing the thrall just to have the enemy rush the area and steal your hard work.

I think it’s the worst on echelon. It’s very easy to notice when the enemy is getting mid thralls.


That’s actually the MAIN reason i’ll never solo them again, because i swear that one of the enemy team is ALWAYS just sitting there waiting for me finish killing the thralls and weaken myself in the process, so they can swoop in for a free kill as well as the thralls.

I’m very proud to say that at level 5 Kelvin takes no damage from the mid thralls. I both start and end that fight at full health but I usually don’t solo mid thralls unless my team has the enemy on the ropes.

I started to take thralls as ISIC recently to more better suit my back dooring needs and this happened to me earlier today. Super annoying.

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Yesterday 2 of my teammates were attacking mid thralls on echelon and I noticed from the mid point that the enemy Miko and Montana has begun to contest them. I knew I had to jump in to at least attempt to summon the thralls. Unfortunately Miko, Montana combo is very hard for a Kelvin to stop. All 3 of us died and the enemy took the thralls.

We ended up winning the match in the end. Score was 50-25ish. But our first sentry wouldn’t have gone down if it wasn’t for the failed thrall attempt.

Why are you even bothering with the thralls anymore? The regular minions and Fat bot do greater job than what the thralls used to do before the buff.

Currently, if you leave your teammates to get base or double thralls, you are hurting your team more than ever. You are leaving your team vulnerable to get outnumbered and of course providing an opportunity for the opponents to push back.

It’s also funny when you are waiting for an enemy to finish the thralls and then ambush them. Unfortunately, something like this happens…


I’ve noticed that people are less likely to get the middle thralls now than before. In fact, the “base” thralls are more likely to be used than them.

This is unusual because for a while, the middle thralls were used and not the “base” thralls.

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That was weak sauce but also hilarious. :wink:


“I’m very proud to say that at level 5 Kelvin takes no damage from the mid thralls.”

Toby holds up his right flipper to Kelvin with a smile.

Toby: Right here, Kelvin.

Kelvin: What does that gesture signify?

Me: I do believe that’s his way of “flipping you the bird.”

Kelvin: He will do flips now?

Me (sighing): No, i’m saying he’s flipping YOU off.

Kelvin: I do not flip.

Me (irritated): He’s trying to do this! Gives Kelvin the middle finger, and subsequently gets punched in the face.

Kelvin: Jerk.


They hit harder than the sentry… working as intended


I only ever try to go for thralls as ISIC as they provide a good enough distraction to lane so I can go back door and get damage in on their sentry. This ends up leaving the enemy team to either deal with everything coming to lane that could destroy their sentry in seconds or try to deal with the ISIC pumping damage to their sentry. I’ll also usually get base thrall and buy an elite bot then proceed to get the mid thralls and it helps my team for me not being there to help with lane.

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Might as well remove thralls from this mode. They are insignificant after the minion buff. If you go get base or even worse middle thralls, you are not helping your team (unless you steal after the enemy killed them). You are not playing objectively. You’re hurting your team.

@lolattheseforums I understand and that used to be a good strategy prior the minion buff patch. However, right now there’s no need. The time it takes you to get to the thralls(either base/double) plus the time to defeat them, opens a window of opportunity for the enemy to make a comeback if they are coordinated and equally skilled. Minions and Fat bots are more than enough.