Double/mid thralls problems

If they’re able to do it -ti are not Pendles, they’re out of battle and waiting- then it’s a general/team tactics problem not thralls, otherwise it’s just map awareness. It’s very incautious to not have lane secured and leave the battle to hunt the twins (IMHO :wink: )

BTW I usually solo middle thralls - else I’m not much of a utility for my team, in 3-4 runs, so that I’d be able to mark my presence in the lane every half minute/confuse enemy - and join the hunt only if someone’s almost finished them off (same reason+your story).

Did you not read what I just said? I literally just explained why I go for thralls. If I’m trying to damage the sentry, I’m trying to do objective. Don’t see how that hurts my team.


The initial reply wasn’t towards you. I saw your comment after I posted that last one.

Well even then I won’t go for thralls if I see a minion wave incoming. I’ll wait till we have a steady push and then try to take thralls. It doesn’t really take long either due to ISIC’s ludicrously large damage output.

With their ridiculous two shotting homing multi grenade spam? Ugh

Also, I preferred when early on, thralls felt important because minuons were useless. Now it’s the reverse. We need equilibrium. Hopefully those changes for incursion grant mentioned are noticeable


Tbh they just need a big health boost after they are captured, and maybe immunity to crits after being captured. Then they provide big damage mitigation and don’t get insta-melted on their way to the sentry.

I do wish they were more useful, and less risky to get… or at least have them be worth the risk.


In my case, because it’s the only time i go after the thralls, it’s after my team has killed one or two of the enemy team and push. It’s like they’re communicating (probable), “hey, that guy is killing the thralls, go steal them when you spawn”, because they for some reason come for me instead of stopping the push. That’s fine with me though, because even when they manage to kill me and get the thralls, my team’s push has already starting nailing the sentry, and they have an easier time of it without the extra resistance; in other words, we still win. It’s the same reason i insight enemies with taunting; they might end up revenge-killing me a few times, but down goes their defenseless sentry.

A very manipulative little Finisci bastard, is my Toby :slight_smile:

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Currently, I’m strongly against team members going for thralls in most situations. There are occasions when it doesn’t matter though. Overall, I find such “objective” playstyle to be hindering their team a lot more than actually helping.

Maybe make the Fat bot and small minions have the ability to push back and damage multiple enemies if they are not focused right away. However, these minions wouldn’t do any damage to the sentry. Buffing and making the thralls the only ones capable of damaging the sentry (aside of the players) would make the thralls important again. It would definitely create more strategies in Incursion.

That would really change the balance of the game. Every team would have Ghalt, Marquis, and Attikus to solo the Thralls at the drop of a dapper fedora.

I agree. Right now, the dubs are only good for back dooring/sneaky sentry kills.

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Not sure what balance that would be. As it stands, Benedict, Galilea, Ernest and Orendi dominate this mode already. With such implementations a little of meltdown strategy could take place and play a significant role in Incursion (divide and conquer)

I found that they don’t shoot their mini nukes if you’re right in their faces. Apparently, the goal is to have players take direct damage from them up close when trying to take them down. Attacking them from a “safe distance” in order to avoid taking damage will cause instant death. This will force everyone to appear on the mini map when trying to take them. I guess??? Maybe? :sweat:


That is correct. It’s only if you are hitting them at a range. Plus, they have a firing animation which makes the nuke grenade easy to avoid in most cases.

“Shoot their mini-nukes”

@RayLightning: “nuke grenade”

I wonder if anyone here would get the reference if i said:


I don’t see the problem here, this is 100% balanced, isn’t it?

Jokes aside, it is frustrating. In the clip above I believe it was our Toby who got a few shots on the double thralls so I thought I’d help him but he fled as soon as I got there. And well, then that happened. As far as Incursion goes overall, I think the minions need to be nerfed across the board (though not necessarily a big one) and thralls a buff to make them more viable. But those grenades ahould be exclusively used on sentries, never on players or minions.



No? Ok I give up.

Damm, that’s the biggest range I have seen a thrall hit with a grenade. Gotta give it up to the thrall. He has an amazing accuracy!

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I can’t tell if that’s me or not… The name structure is similar, but i can’t make it out. If it is, you now know why i fled, haha!

EDIT: Nope, not me; that’s clearly a “W” at the start.

@RayLightning: Iconic line from the Battletanx game series.

I knew it was from battletanx but it seemed to obscure to be what you were referencing to. I had that game for the n64. To this day I still hum the starting screen music.

I loved playing as the fast maneuverable tank.

I believe my favorite faction was the psycho bandits.

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Or “they’re deploying twin thralls, lets preparem to melt them in 20secs” :wink:
Nah, I’m back from another hell on Echelon, did my strat against Thralls - all i was observing was Caldarius/Attikus chasing shadows, and setting himself up for our Marquis.
IOW It doesnt’t have to be “morals victory”

I was referring to the fact that, like the thrall grenade, if you don’t get out of dodge after you hear “nuke deployed” in Battletanx, you were screwed. Also, they said “nuke”, so it’s all i heard in my head, haha. I’ll be saying “nuke deployed” whenever i die from a thrall grenade from now on.

As to the game itself, i only ever rented the first Battletanx back when Blockbuster was the only way to rent games, and i vaguely remember it. However, i bought and still play the second one, Battletanx: Global Assault, which had a lot of fancy new features. Such as: Pressing “A” and “B” when you had enough of a powerup to get a special, stronger version (you simply haven’t lived until you’ve used a guided missile that fires SMALLER missiles. In fact, i strongly believe that’s where Gearbox got Benedict’s “rockets launch’n rockets” helix from); hover and “flip-E” tanks; the ability to use the password system to create your own randomly-generated custom gang; and much more!

The music from BGA was also fantastic.

My favorite faction (aside from creating my own) was the “Cold Warriors”, who had a slight chance of spawning with a nuke, per tank. It was rare, but SO worth it. If only “***WITNESS ME!!**" had existed back when i used to bum-rush my friend’s base, and they would yell "SHT!!” when the “nuke deployed” dialog came on the screen… Ah… Good times… Good times…