Double Omnd-Omnd-Ohk spawn

@Ginger_greninja this one’s for you, double Triple-O!

Dexi also dropped us a Chopper -


woooow, did you get both from the same group of ultimate savages?

Probably you already know but explosive weapons go through his tornado reflection.

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Nah, one from the first three and while we were clearing the rest of the savages that spawned the other one transformed lol we weren’t expecting that. So, I guess they were sort of from the first group? Lol. Next time I wont be so quick to kill the extra savages :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t have anything explosive equipped haha, didn’t need it either way, but cheers!

I see, that is more realistic: still, you were very lucky even if they dropped nothing.

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That’s insane. I’ve spent whole days without spawning a single one!!

wow - there’s something you don’t see every day. :open_mouth:

I tried to get the 2x000 and the best way is to keep killing the Savages until you run out of time. I forget how many spawn but its limited. As long as the WD is there then there’s always a chance. Awesome to see though.

We didn’t kill them, we kept driving to the other end of the grotto to reset them, when we got the first one we decided to kill the rest. This was very unexpected, I’d never thought of trying to get multiple spawns but now don’t have to haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: What’s more, the guy I was playing with didn’t even know OOO existed so it was a shock when two spawned, I told him it’d be unlikely we’d even see one that day! :open_mouth:

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I got a double triple O spawn once when I was on my never ending quest to get a Twister. Sadly neither dropped one and I still have yet to get the gun :frowning: