Double penetrating bangstick for you st4ck fl4ks

would like cryo kaoson x2 50/150

also have 300/90 Maggie

couple snowdrifts, all sorts of artifacts, fl4k mods

Do you have any God roll Cosmic stalkers?

oh I’m sorry I never saw this lms, what are you after, I have some good stalker mod…feel free to add me, psn glopping

+3 in big game and 2 in interplantary stalker?

or even +2 but

main rolls i seek are
wep dmg, jakob crit, ASC, SMG dmg, Shotun dmg, AR dmg,

Hey mate,
I would be interested by the last Cosmic Stalker u showed,with +21% wp critical dmg and +51% Atlas wp critic dmg.
What do u want in exchange ?

You have double turtle or double capacity electric frontloader? or a variation of that, flesh melter/ice breaker/atom balm deathless with ar dmg atlas dmg crit dmg atlas crit? not saying that the artifacts need all that but some would be nice

or rad old god with large capacity?