Double screen ps3

Greetings vault hunters, I’ll get straight to the point.

So, my father found BL1 in a store that was closing and bought it, along with some other cheap games. You see, he used to play games when he was young, first on the arcades and later on pc and even later the ps3 as well but lately he’s all work and no play. He has free time, yet nothing to really do with it, and I can see him wanting to do something, so I wanted to get him playing a bit once more.

As I was saying, he bought the BL1 for the ps3, and I’d like to get him to play it coop with me, but split screen just ain’t gonna cut it, so I was wondering if I can conect a pc monitor with the tv through the ps3 and have each of us play in separate screens. It might also be note worthy to mention that the tv is 3d.
So, has anyone tried it? Can it be done?

I apologize for making a bl1 thread here, but the bl3 general is more active and I wanted quick feedback.

Personally i dont believe this is possible; there were a select few games that supported “simulview” with the playstation 3d tv (cod blackops 2 did), though i doubt borderlands did.

  • Beyond this; the ps3 is just not capable to run more than 1 screen

I agree with the other poster - I don’t think you’re going to get that to work on the PS3. It was never built for more than one screen.

Ok thankfully our tv is 3d passive, and it even comes with a feature that allows one person to see a different screen than the other, with the 3d glasses on of course. I also saw a dude explaining how it could be done, with bl1 too, on ps3 and (what are the chanses) on an LG 3d tv as well, so I’ll try it out this weekend. Whether it works or not, I’ll explain the results here.

I just tried it and it freaking works. Just set BL1 to split screen, then enable 3d left-right and swap the left lenses from one eye piece with the right of the other. That way each one will see their player in full screen.

Glad you got it working. Good job you happened to have that 3d TV!

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