Double Thrall Nades

So is anyone else still getting nuked by these?

Was wiped last night while trying to cap middle. 2 bombs hit me and hardly did any damage. Then the 3rd one knocked my soul from my body.

Could have sworn these were fixed.

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They are nasty, but they are slow enough you can watch for them, most of the time.
I’ve been killed twice by them as the second twin died, never saw those coming.

The bad thing is, there are players who are grieving others on the bridge to get the twins to toss bombs there.

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Yeah it was patched in the winter update for the grenades to do minimal damage. But if you kill the thrall before the grenade explodes, then it has the “vs sentry” damage multiplier applied to it. Or at least that’s how I perceive it. Quirks like this have been in every Gearbox game I’ve ever played.


Fun fact: hard CC will interrupt Thrall 'nades if you hit them during the attack animation.

Just keep a sharp eye out for when they ease their gun up, that’s when they’re about to unload a grenade.

Also, doesn’t a red circle appear on the ground indicating where the grenade will land and its radius?

Oh they’re still a thing. I reflected em back at them with isic today though. #getrekt

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In PvE you see them, but in PvP it’s either bugged or I’m completely blind…

Maybe they removed it?

I could’ve SWORN it used to appear in PVP but I can’t remember the last time I saw one recently…?

exactly my thought

Fun thing about battleborn is that every single aoe attacks radius seems to be larger than what the VFX for it is. Lovely.


Okay, the problem is not seeing that they’re about to launch nades, anybody with two eyes can see that coming. The problem is the nades doing 3000 damage or so and not 300-400 like they’re supposed to.



I hate to bump a thread from February, but Gearbox, if this glitch isn’t fixed in this update or the one after it, I swear to MINREC…

I have lost track of how many games have been turned around because one team got the little boost it needed because

a. the match is now a 4v5 because a thrall just instakilled me

b. aaaaaand the other team just grabbed doubles because one thrall is dead and the glitch activates when a grenade from a dying thrall hits you, and it’s easy to take the remaining thrall, and GOOD GOD I HATE THIS GLITCH

Huh… Were you by chance playing as a marquis when it happened??

Yeah. The nade was three meters away when the thrall officially died, though.

It doesn’t matter what character it is, though, if you’re getting at something like that.

Was not insinuating character affected the double thrall nade proc. I saw it happen to a marquis today. And your post would have been approximately around the time I saw it in the match. You ps4??


That would explain this;

I’d say dead and not dying though to be extremely picky, but still. The silence and open double thralls was killing me. Was solo-queueing as well, so I couldn’t tell my team to grab them :sweat_smile:


Hm. Yeah I’m on PS4. Interesting! If you could PM me your PSN name, or you could just tell me here too, I might recognize you.


And yours?

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Oh, it’s you!


I almost killed you at the end, but the bullets literally disappeared. I saved a clip

That was quite possibly my buggiest match of Battleborn this year. First the Thrall thing, then half of Phoebe’s hitbox didn’t exist, went through several horrible FPS drops, eugh, it was awful. Granted my shooting isn’t exactly the best either, as the scoreboard reflects, but there was a lot of buggage in that game. At one point I crit Orendi through shields. ???