Double/Triple Vagabond Shield

Has anyone come across any Double or Triple Vagabond shields? I know that it’s a Hyperion specific perk for shields.

I was searching on the web and found one image of a Double Vagabond shield giving +17% movement speed. Is that a legit shield? Has anyone ever seen a TRIPLE Vagabond shield? That has to be really rare because I’ve been checking vendors a lot and Vagabond itself seems to be one of the rarest perks on a shield.

Please show me pictures if you have one and if anyone on PC has a double/triple vagabond shield with the SNTL anointment, hit me up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you can get triple identical perks and they are hyper rare! I had a purple with triple artillery perk, before the bank expansion… So I let it go!:astonished:

I have one it’s 24% movement when shield are full, it is not really usable since it has no annointment but I kept it as a rare item, I’ll post a picture when I get back home

It could be very useful for Zane that’s why I’m asking. :smiley:

yeah I should give it a go to see how much violent momentum can juice out of that

here is the triple Vagabond

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Did you get it from a vendor or was it a world drop?

I don t remember exactly, most likely vendors as I used to check a lot. There are a lot of unusual purple shields in vending machines

It probably isn’t viable as a triple on Legendaries then, since the Legendary affix takes up an affix slot by itself.

Most likely the case yes.