Double/Triple Vagabond Shield

Has anyone come across any Double or Triple Vagabond shields? I know that it’s a Hyperion specific perk for shields.

I was searching on the web and found one image of a Double Vagabond shield giving +17% movement speed. Is that a legit shield? Has anyone ever seen a TRIPLE Vagabond shield? That has to be really rare because I’ve been checking vendors a lot and Vagabond itself seems to be one of the rarest perks on a shield.

Please show me pictures if you have one and if anyone on PC has a double/triple vagabond shield with the SNTL anointment, hit me up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you can get triple identical perks and they are hyper rare! I had a purple with triple artillery perk, before the bank expansion… So I let it go!:astonished:

I have one it’s 24% movement when shield are full, it is not really usable since it has no annointment but I kept it as a rare item, I’ll post a picture when I get back home

It could be very useful for Zane that’s why I’m asking. :smiley:

yeah I should give it a go to see how much violent momentum can juice out of that

here is the triple Vagabond

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Did you get it from a vendor or was it a world drop?

I don t remember exactly, most likely vendors as I used to check a lot. There are a lot of unusual purple shields in vending machines

It probably isn’t viable as a triple on Legendaries then, since the Legendary affix takes up an affix slot by itself.

Most likely the case yes.

I know I’m late, but it is possible. I opened a, old god (legendary shield) on bl3 save editor and before I did any editing it registered 3 perks, none of them belonging to the old god. So it is theoretically possible to get a tripple perk in a legendary shield. The chances though must be very low.

It might show up that way now, though im pretty sure its because of the 2 new arms race shields having 3 perk slots

Old God has 3 slots for shield perks. One of the names won’t be listed but it’s there and its description should be visible on the card. Think OG is the only non arms race Legendary shield that drops with 3 perks

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Madcap, gas mask and old god can all spawn with 3 shield augments.