Double Whammy Trick. Dealing double damage with Clothesline

(The Handsome One) #1

This for the newer players, El Dragon pros probably know this trick by now. There is a neat trick in doing around 400+ damage with Clothesline on level 4 when paired with Flailing Fist. To do this, you need to hit the first part of Clothesline which can be easily noticed if you push an enemy back during the run animation and immediately hit Flailing fist, his level 4 right Helix choice, and send them flying. Done correctly, you should be able to down enemy shields and chunk enemies for a good portion of their health. after that, follow up with normal or the En Fuego variant of Dragon Splash and finish them off with primary attacks or the clap. The types of enemies you’ll want to do this is squishes like every Eldrid not Boldur or Kelvin, Mike, Foxtrot, Orendi, and other attacker or support characters. I hope this improves your overall El Dragon game and how to reach the maximum dps.

(Australian Lite™) #2

Don’t go giving away all our secrets!

This is a trick I’ve used frequently for a while, but unfortunately, post-nerf, Clothesline usually is reserved as an escape skill in my book.

(Skeksis Syl) #3

Yet they buffed the damage… Sigh

(wisecarver) #4

They did but if you just start clapping it works gooder.