Double XP everything, Marquis you better not ruin it

I am hyped and pissed at the same time. I really hope there is no cheesing going on today

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there will be we both know this.

if you have some mates just take it in turns to play kleese and rift turret the sentry and enjoy ur free 5v4 as he rages


This. 100x this. Needing a Kleese to counter sniping in incursion is a problem, but it will get fixed. In the meantime, this is a far better solution than not playing.

There are several counters to marquis. Kleese being one. Other options include, but are not limeted to: Benedict, Phoebe, Rath, another Marquis, Thorn, Oscar Mike, Ambra.

I have successfully run up, teleported to, or sniped cheesing marquis with all of these. Phiebe especially is a terror in a good players hands. Will make everyone second guess how safe they are when hiding and sniping.