Double XP is Over

I guess it was good while it lasted. Although it’s technically not Wednesday yet. Wish I knew it’d expire earlier than I thought.

Anyways, here’s to hoping for a Double Credits weekend!

So, what did you guys accomplish with the extra XP?

I made it to Command Rank 100
Leveled up 3 characters quite a bit, 1 to 15, 2 to roughly 12.


Made it from 38 to 100. Got mostly gold (two silver) on advanced story mode. Took me Friday to Saturday with pugs to get advanced done, kept playing for command rank. Haven’t maxed any specific character, because I usually play whatever I feel the team needs the most.

What why is it over already

yeah, why is it over? I asked this on the forums earlier and nobody had an answer… On twitter, facebook, and the battleborn website it states Double XP weekend is on “Through 5/25”

Still works for me. Got 4 levels on my level 1 Attikus just now in a single PvP game of 30 minutes. Never happens without double.

Also got a full CR at level 73.

nice! Yeah, just double checked their website and twitter, and logged in to BB… even the Double XP info-ad is still on the bottom right. Its not over yet. However, I think its bugged for some. I played about 4 matches, around 20-30mins long and was only getting 200-400 for a win.

Not bothered by my command rank. Reached rank 75 tho. Got Master of Deande and just 8 airborne volley kills away from Master of Thorn. 17 various commander/normal loot packs unopened and 45k credits

I didnt play it as much on the weekend (I was on Dark Souls 3 too :P) but I managed to make it from 22 to 34, no point in rushing to max level.

You are correct with that. I didn’t rush for max level. I just wanted to beat advanced mode and figured this would be the best time to do it with pugs. Then I kept playing because the flow.

Yeap. Once you reach command rank 40 the only thing u get when u increase rank is the commander loot packs thats it. when you reach rank 100 u get the legendary loot pack. I just want to rank up characters

Got to Rank 100 and got my Master of Ghalt title :slight_smile: also cleared a bunch of Lore challenges for characters I now intend to get the Master titles for as well

had the game since release and I’m up to like 16

currency at 15k’ish

you play this game a lot I guess. I have tons of other games I switch between.

I played Doom 1.8 times but I usually play singleplayer games only once. I got lots of free time on my hands and nothing better to do. Waiting for No Man’s Sky but until then there is nothing I really want to play. Maybe get back into Fallout 4 with Far Harbour but kinda burned out on FO4.