Double XP weekend started off great, but is now a nightmare

Pvp side:
I found friday / Saturday to have quick match making and decent matches. I was rank 50’ish and now I’m 99 (I enjoy the game a lot). Quick picks and the games finished.

Sunday rolls around, and now I get 1 match in 5 to finish. Surrenders happen the second it look Grimm. Capture maps never find match making for me. Then the Lore’s are impacting everything else.
It usually takes the 100 seconds to start, people want to pick a buddy Lore.
Ghalt rush dives and then drops if it doesn’t go his way.
Foxtrot and Galilea drop if their target isn’t around.

I had an idea for Lores. I think at character level 15, you should be able to prestige you character (call it “badassing”), and it’ll unlock a Lore of choice (or all lore). It would reset helix and give new taunts/skins as you would imagin. It would also let you stick with a character you love and give you more to look forward too.

Pve side:
Not much to say here. Make players at least beat missions on normal before letting them do advanced.

I play on PS4, if that matters at all. Anyhow, I hope I’m not showing too much negativity. I really do love the game. It’s in for a hell of a fight in this space. I want it to succeed and be around for years to come.

Ps. Make Loader Bot a character =)


Prestiging would be awesome for new skins and taunts!


Yep. Some lore challenges are hurting the game. I really hope they look into changing 'em. I’ve got 9 characters finished; they’re lore was easy but some are just ridiculous.

As well as rank at the beginning of a match, so players won’t back out.


I wish the lore was specific to each skill and ultimate, finishing campaign and wining some pvp

You mean, make them queue for normal before letting them queue for advanced, right? Like you don’t mind people running advanced private games, I assume.

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Problem is lvl 12s who have never done PvE showing up completely clueless for say, The Archive, resulting in the crap you’re supposed to defend being destroyed.

Have you tried assisting them or anything? Just because they are new doesn’t mean they should be excluded from any content. People would rather yell and get mad at a player rather than try to assist the player.


I wish it was that simple. But to either rally or carry 4 hopeless level 9s through a mission (that they have never seen) on Advanced that is otherwise a rather difficult mission on easy simply can’t be done. I enjoyed helping n00bs in Destiny. Made some good friends that way. I don’t even mind a wipe or 10. But mission faling is Battleborn’s way of saying “That’s what you get for playing with n00bs.”


Yeah, sorry.

Don’t let them public queue, without beating them first on normal. Privately, do your thing gangsta


ive yet to finish an advanced matchmaking with the exception of the algorith and void’s edge. please make it a requirement of both level and completion of normal. its a waste of time to even try.

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To be honest, I think a bigger problem with those missions are all the grenades the minions throw (this happens in the Saboteour: they stand by the edge of the stairs below the objective and, since they think they can’t reach the players for some reason, throw grenades at it that are stupidly damaging) and their overall design that requires an equal dose of common sense (stick close to the thing, dammit) and FOREKNOWLEDGE (where the enemy is going to spawn so you can rush ahead, but someone has to stick behind because of those that spawn closer and try to ‘Ah-ha!’ your behinds).

The time to react to the fairly small red circle that is put under your feet which in a First Person perspective is at many times completely hidden from view is definitely a factor in deaths in Advanced.

I have to basically look down toward feet to make sure I see red on the ground which is of course, counterproductive to trying to get headshots on tall ass Thralls heh.

yeah the grenades coudl be tuned down a bit, i think theyre a one shot before level 4 or 5 for anyone. as for the red area on the ground i personally feel its pretty visible with enough time to react, when you can see it. a lot of the time its hard to see, probably something players need to work on getting used to looking for though, not a tuning or programming thing.

Friday and Saturday was awesome in PVE. Lots of experienced players and most stuck with the team until the end.
On Sunday more and more powerlevelled up to 20 somethings with no clue showed up in advance mode. I had to carry a few matches until it became so bad I couldn’t make up for it anymore. Also around that time newbloods started leaving or AFKing the rounds.

the afk is real. i thought that was a wow thing. with no way to kick people its just… a big stinky turd.

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