Doubled Agent or Under Cover first?

Looking into playing Zane as one of my two main characters to start with, and I was wondering what people were thinking as far as which of these skill trees to dip into first? I haven’t looked into the game much been trying to keep most of the content a surprise for myself, though I couldn’t help but look into some skill trees today with the release tomorrow night. What do you guys make of it?

Depends on what you want to focus on first, damage or defense?

If damage, Doubled Agent. If defense, Under Cover.

Personally, I’m going Doubled Agent first. It’ll fit my build well.

In most of them I’ve prioritized recovery type skills first, though since I’m not playing along maybe I’ll give Doubled Agent a shot first. Oh man, exciting stuff!

Yeah, man, go for it. Even if you become unhappy with it, you can always respec your skill points. You’re never stuck with your decisions.

Fair enough, and a good thing too, because choosing between the shield mod and the copy of your weapon is going to require some experimenting, they both sound incredibly fun

Personally I’m doing DA first because we’ve already had shield duping twice (Gaige and Jack) but we’ve never had weapon duping (for action skills I mean, not that kind of weapon duping)

My build doesn’t incorporate any capstone because I’m planning on using a Legendary class mod to get me one or both from Doubled Agent/ Under Cover, if that’s possible.

Been playing zane about 15 hrs and doubled is my least fave skill.

I think they are all good. But it depends on how you like to play. I actually like hitman better