Doubt about weapons in general

Some pistols looks like smg, shoots like smg,
Some shotguns looks like rifles.
Some Snipers shoots whith better cadence than rifles or smg. ETC ETC ETC

Is this intended?


Welcome to bonkers weapons, the Borderlands meta :smiley:

If I understand that because I played all the BLs in the saga, but I mean that in this game exactly it is more exaggerated.

I guess the alternative is they designed hundreds of different guns to look like the wrong thing unintentionally, which, even given their record, seems unlikely.

So far it’s only been strategically detrimental with Tediore. When I’m rolling through weapons in combat, if I lose my mental bookmark where I’m at in my slot list, I can look at the gun and get back on track. Not so with many Tediore weapons.

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Welcome to Whose Gun Is It Anyway, where the guns are made up and aim doesn’t matter.

That was pretty much my first thought when I started playing Borderlands back in 2013.

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