Doubts about two weapons

Hello! I am looking for the blue rarity weapon ¨EarWorm¨, which was one of the weapons whose drop increased in the anniversary, but I have tried to obtain it after that event, with many attempts, and I have not been able to remove it. Does anyone know if this weapon is exclusive to that anniversary? Or you can still get it?
My other question was about the missile launcher that came with the early adopter pack. This pack was granted to those who claimed the pack before the game’s launch time passed, and my question is whether the weapon that said pack was unique or if, on the contrary, it was a mere gift obtainable in the game.

Hey there. Wish I could help you out. I had a few spare Earworms some time ago. Haven’t seen one drop since that event tho.

And you no longer have any spare or something similar? Thank you very much for responding ; D

No… Sry. It’s a unique item unfortunately, so nothing comparable.

Earworm only dropped during event.

I don’t know of a missile launcher from pre-orders. Just grenades and toy guns.

And is it impossible to get more using that weapon as a base?

Oh okay, thank you very much!