Doubts i have about this game

so im kinda interested about this game.
first because its from gearbox, second because its a completly new moba type and it seems very interesting…

but i have some questions i didnt see answered so far and maybe someone could help me…

1 - will this have cross platform ? im afraid of not getting people online if i buy this game
2 - will there be more “champions” release ? will we only have the 25 game characters or they will release more like LoL?
3 - will online split-screen be avaialabe ? if i get this is for PS4 and would be cool if i could go online with my friends

PS : i’m kinda sad this game might not do good because of Overwatch…

1 - All indications say this won’t be cross platform. Not sure Gearbox could do anything about this even if they wanted to.

2 - They have already announced 5 free heroes which will be released after the game ships. They even have character art/general description for one of them. You will still have to unlock the character In-Game via Command Rank or Specific Action…but all new characters and maps will be free.

3 - There will be couch co-op split-screen. And you can join online games as a co-op. So you could have two sets of couch co-ops and one more player to form a 5-man online team.


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Depends on your definition of “works”


It’s up to Microsoft and Sony to determine if they’ll allow cross platform play. I think MS is looking into the idea, but I don’t know about Sony.

1: Nothing confirmed.
2: Yes, and free of charge.
3: 2 player splitscreen is possible if I remember correctly, PvE and PvP.

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pulls out a list

Well, I need some soda, chips, bread, cheese…oh, wait, you weren’t talking about food. Damn. :frowning:


Early access keys, I’m soo bored I could kill for a key,
worst of all is that no one is streaming for Europe times to calm the urge to kill void monsters.

One week is all you got left. (Or 4 days ^^)


Sure, no problem aaaaaat all.

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You say that, but Bahroo is streaming right now. And a few days ago we had like 5 streams with over 5000 peoples watching.

Jub late in the evening they start (or early if they are from the usa) but before that its a wasteland and not a good one like in Borderlands.

But now lets stop that off topic stuff.

Will probably get better when the Open Beta hit PS4 and even more when Xbox and PC get their turn (Though, i probably won’t watch them, as i’ll be playing, heh)