Doubts of a noob

Hi guys, I am very new to the game, it will be 1 week since I bought the game and I have some doubts :grin:

1. How do I get stronger in mayhem mode?

2. Do you need dlcs to stay strong in the end game?

3. What is the best build for Amara and what are the best weapons for her? (I don’t have dlc yet)

  1. Getting stronger in Mayhem Mode is a function of both your gear, your build, and how they work together (and we’re assuming you know your way around a FPS rifle). What gear and build are you using?

  2. You do not need DLCs to stay strong in the game.

  3. Someone else will have to speak to Amara’s best build… lots of good ones though, so you should be able to pick one that fits your playstyle.

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  1. farm for gear every few mayhem levels! gigamind is really good for getting items, hes a good loot pinata. once u get to m6 farm for a sand hawk from katagawa jr. not only is it dummy strong, its one of the easiest farms in the game. itll make farming super easy once u get it.

  2. nope, but most of the DLC legendaries are way stronger than base game.

  3. lazydata’s hellzerker is a good example! ive seen good melee builds now tho now that phase2 is out

For context:

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For now I’m using the best item I drop, but I use smg most of the time.

And for the build I’m not using a specific one yet, but I’ll take the one from the video shown in the other comment.

I thank everyone who answered me, it has helped me a lot to have this information!

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Make sure to browse the Amara section on the forums. Lots of great info and builds in there.

Also make sure to just have fun and play with whatever items you find. There are weapons in the DLC right now that are super strong, but there’s plenty in the base game to keep you happy, so they are not required.

Here’s a farming drop guide that’ll help you find stuff you might be looking for:


1: The higher your Mayhem, the stronger the weapons that drop. Just farm whatever boss you can easily kill even on higher difficulties and you are bound to pick up some good stuff along the way.

2: No, but it certainly helps. Some of the top tier weapons in the game are DLC based. However, I’d say you are somewhat lucky in that you are playing Amara because she doesn’t really rely on DLC stuff that much. If you were playing Zane, I’d say you kind of need it because his best and easiest legendary class mod is tied to the Handsome Jackpot DLC.

3: Not much of an Amara player, however I will agree with other posters here that Lazydata has some great builds.


1.get krakatoa
3.use ties that bind with whatever

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SMGs tend to drop off in performance at the very highest mayhem levels. Some have been recently buffed but there are only a few that perform very well without having a very specific build and most importantly passives on com and artifact. That’s my experience anyways.

Amara excels with elemental weapons. You may want to consider reading up on anointments, there are 50ish I believe. ASE (action skill end) elemental anointments work well with Amara as you tend to use an action skill often.

Ties That Bind action skill (red tree) and Stillness of Mind augment (blue tree) have a particularly powerful synergy.

Finally, there is a whole sub-forum dedicated to Amara where you will find many different builds.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

  1. You play on each mayhem level farming and adjusting your build till you find it getting too easy them jump to next level,

Don’t be in a rush enjoy the game its not a pvp game hitting the highest level don’t really mean anything.

The dlc content is well worth the cost I wish there was a dlc each month. So much extra juicy loot to find and missions.

There is a bunch of good YouTube players with guides “dpj” “spartangamezone” “killersix” “joltzdude” and glitch queen is also worth checking out , there is a few more as well.

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basically, all u have to get double ase 50% and a weapon for grouped enemy and single target
which mean recursion and monarch.

dont put point on any skill that have to do with hp , use ties

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Well… Get a ase element ur not using shield.

Action skill end 50% some different elememt grenade.

A s e. Next two mags another element.

Ur action skill. A diff element…

And well… Shoot the rainbow. Be the rainbow :rainbow:


Thanks a lot for this list, it will help me so much.

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It is a little sad that smgs decay, but the other weapons I use are all elemental.

I understand, yesterday I was in Mayhem 2 and today I managed to go to 3, but always calmly and enjoying the game of course.

And one dlc a month should really be released, if the base game was good, I imagine the dlcs, next month maybe I’ll get them, I also heard that the last one was very extraordinary.

Thanks again to everyone, no doubt you all helped me a lot, and I am very happy to see that the community is very friendly. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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One thing i don’t see a lot of people mention are the guardian perks. There are some really good passive boosts from those. Things like C-c-combo and overkill.

I figured those guardian points were good, and I’m focusing on getting the c-c-combo.