Down the road maybe?

From the beginhing, I had a hope. I know maybe I should have spoken up. So now that its probably too late for the Borderlands 3 train, maybe if there is a BL4 (and more importantly, in lifetime) here’s what I’d have liked to have had.
Weapons that can be individually modded. Add different scopes, larger magazines, smaller magazines with special bullets, a new receiver to turn a single fire or slow fire into a faster one. Quicker deyploying, quicker reloading, enhancing projectile speeds. You can get the idea, you are sharper than little old me.
And I know some of these features are available via, mods or shields etc. I just thought when I get a weapon I like, wouldn’t it be fun to take it to Marcus, or Earl or even Zed (you know a gun that heals you As you shoot tinks) and have them upgrade them. Maybe even turn some of that into a side mission, why yes, you can’t a new scope on that, you’ll have to go to the crimson canyon and get a scope mount off of Gruesome Gert the mount maker and bring it to me, of course I’ll need a few to hold it for you in case you don’t come back.:grin:


Since BL2 I have wanted to be able to scrap guns I pick up for parts and then add them to gun stocks to make my own upgrades. The only example I can reference is what is possible in Fallout 4. The difference with the above suggestion is that I want to be able to swap out the parts myself (via a workbench-like mechanic) instead of needing an NPC to do it for me.

To make it interesting and keep guns from becoming too “same-y”, they could create a different stock for each gun type AND each manufacturer. That way you could only swap parts from the same manufacturer onto certain gun stocks, or from certain types of base stocks (like rifle versus machine gun versus shotgun, etc.).

Some parts could be more generic across gun types while others are more generic across manufacturers. That way you can still mix and match a few items regardless of what gun stock you have. Legendary parts then could be completely universal in some manner in that they can be used for any gun stock regardless of type or manufacturer. Or whatever. I think you get the idea. Bottom line is a large and meaningful part swap-ability that is in control of the player.

Then I agree it would be fun to have quests that involve getting specific parts or getting specific raw materials for an NPC to create a special part for you.