Down to 69% on Steam (sad face)

Breaks my heart. Still a fan of this game.

3,008 reviews on Steam, “mostly mixed”, just 69% positive.

On Steam store page Battleborn isn’t even in the running anymore if you look at Top Sellers.



A lot of people don’t have patience for a game that’s designed as this is. They hold in high regard very clean games and are probably very put off by something that takes a bit of non-game-mechanic based effort. They treat games as a product or highly value the usability portion of the user experience.


It’s only recently hit ‘Mixed’ as the third and fifth most rated review is negative but it’s asinine. The review hits some points, but then is mostly upset because locked content, player progression elements, and matchmaking not being impossibly perfect out the gate.

And then goes on to just shitting on what makes a Gearbox game a Gearbox game, which I found baffling since if he hates the style of GB games why did he even buy this? The guy went in with little to no info on what the game is and expected something entirely different.

Oh and the next negative review after that is pretty much just angry about the early sale. He also complains about matchmaking too.


I keep checking for positive threads in the Steam forums, there are a few but mostly every thread is a rant of some sort.

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Picking 2 reviews out of 3000 to say that the 31% are just reviewing wrong seems a bit pointless.

I also see a lot of review bombing honestly by people who play another game, who seem unable to stand the thought that anyone plays something that they don’t and are acting like a cult in trying to brainwash and/or bully people into playing what they play.

Would they even buy their opponent’s vile game in order to do this? Yes, yes they would. It’s human nature. Humans are very tribalistic and they figure that the sales they’d give Gearbox would be offset by all the negativity they’re creating.

I’m actually saddened by how so many people are sycophantic and lacking in self awareness that they can be sucked into marketing cults to become well groomed little drones who’ll defend their particular IP at any cost. Even if it means going around buying opposing games just to review bomb them.

The reviews will improve a few months down the line, once the brainwashing has worn off and a certain other game has less pull over its flock.


If you wander over to the Overwatch forums, you see the same complaints, the same grievances as you do here.

One game has a “halo” effect from its parent company and had a strong hype. The other does not.

Enter, can’t-think-for-themselves fan boys and those who mispercieve cyncism and judgement as intelligence. You’ll get good reviews one way and bad the other.

Overwatch has a much lower bar to surmount. There isn’t much depth to the game, so its easier for it to execute on less.

Battleborn is an excellent and ambitious game, with a tremendous amount of love and character behind it. It doesn’t have all the spit and polish that is requisite to attract the “oooh shiny!” masses. It isn’t about instant gratification.

I will continue to wnjoy the ever lovin’ hell out of this game.


Kind of a misleading title. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone who sees your title thought you meant " 69% off"

I’d say the focus is on the negative, but I can certainly see some ■■■■■■ positive reviews. But you can’t “review wrong” but sometimes a point is possibly a redundant and salt belies any clear judgement.

…I’m a Native American Lumberjack not a genius, the title was the best I thought of at the time. :wink:


That’s actually what I thought when I saw the title and was like “Hot damn! 69% off on Battleborn on Steam?! Imma buy it!”

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Pretty sure I attacked you in no way that justifies a response like that. Simmer down.

Hey. If you find any posts troublesome, flag them. No need to call people out.

The main problem are reviews like these ( and there A LOT of these ),

0.2 hrs last two weeks / 0.2 hrs on record

And this is why i always take reviews, specially those on Steam, with a grain of salt … actually with the entire freakin shaker. Until Steam doesn’t flag reviews that come from people who returned the game as such, just like Amazon does with their product reviews, i refuse to take any review on Steam into account.
Remove the reviews that have less than 1h of gameplay and you would see the numbers go up considerably, i’ve stopped taking reviews from Steam serious a long time ago.

Unfortunately people prefer to look at a number, even if meaningless, and judge a product on that instead of actually research it.


Sure maybe the reviews are at 69% but look at it this way players in game are up to 3,800 right now.

Bad revives because bad optimization

Severall reviews are even from people who don´t own the game anymore… got total time logged in of 1-1,9h and logged the last time in one day after release.

In my oppinion these reviews should be taken down again at every game, that got refunded or let us only do reviews once we can´t refund anymore. Severall of these negativ reviews are just some review-bombs from fanboys of some other games, to damage the game battleborn or gearbox.

I don’t agree on removing said reviews because there ARE legitimate reviews there, if i knew that my computer wouldn’t be able to run the game due to very poor optimization i would probably refund my game too.
Such review though should be kept separate from the rest and not count to the overall percentage, instead of just having Positive/Negative reviews they should sandbox refund reviews in a different category.

…I have noticed that also, one of top negative threads is by someone with 1.9 hours into the game.

I don’t think they should be removed. Maybe weighted off play time? But that’s problematic as well.

Or at least a secondary option where it’s weighted off play time.