Downfall skill need some love

If downfall could proc samsara like fist over matter and have same cooldown we could do some samsara build with it. For now now only fist over matter consistently procs max samsara stacks.
We are stuck to use red tree sustainment and there is no other option in the defensive green tree…

Also glamour is not playable : confused enemies should not change allegiance and be immune to damage

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Downfall is not stacking? Bad
The thing I would fix next is to make downfall and fracture work with allure as well
It seems to be broken since the release

Didn’t they change this in 4/23 patch? I think they do take damage now.

They said they fixed it, but it’s still broken.

That’s weird. I’ve heard that FL4K can damage Dominated enemies now. Would be weird if FL4K can damage mind controlled enemies but Amara can’t…

Plot twist: they’re adjusted the wrong skill :joy:. Wouldn’t be the first time?


That would be hilarious, and sad.


I’ll go test a few things in a little while. I’ve been playing something else waiting for the game to level out a bit.

Tested Glamour. Dollars to donuts they adjusted the wrong Mind Control skill.