Download content unavailable

Every time i try to download new content it says it’s unavailable, so I can’t download any of the new dlc that have been released recently. any idea on how to fix this? Thank you.

I have the same problem, AND just discovered that when I play a OP8 character it will only play as 72 with the message " Character needs downloadable content to play at it’s current level" or something like that. I have very good internet but cannot get anything under downloadable content. “Try back later”.


basically, you have “The Handsome Collection” it has everything included, All DLC’s All headhunter packs, everything, so no downloads are required, just ignore the message and play the game

Thank you!

Dear gearbox I would really appreciate it if you guys could fix Borderlands 2 to have a new Vault hunter that would be awesome if you could fix that and I would love my level 72 character the level to be changed to op8 so I can max out my character I would like to be able to keep going with my level thank you

If you’re having issues accessing the DLC content, you can file a support ticket here:

If you have the Handsome Collection version, however, you should have all six vault hunters and the ability to unlock the OP levels by running the Peak. The only major issue with that I know of is a recent bug affecting those in the XBox Insider program, which MS pushed out a fix for last week.

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Dear Gearbox software I was curious if you guys were still hiring employees I’m actually looking for a job I’d be willing to do anything voice over meaning you name it I don’t care