Download Missing on Steam

Hey uh, I know the game is shutting down in 2021, but I want to get what I can out of playing it and I want to add it to my steam library while I still can. Unfortunately, on the steam page there seems to be no ‘play now’ or way to download it still. Is this an error or intentional? I really hope I can still play it via Steam…

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I don’t know when off-hand, but it was basically taken down a while ago. I don’t think there’s any way to get the game now unless you can find a physical disc copy. (Though there are places to find it for dirt cheap)

Instead of trying to go the page go to your own games list where you can download it or maybe even purchase history.
if you didnt own it digitally or have it in your library beforehand you cant get it even the free version so youll have just watch others play.