Download size above 200Gb?

Hello Guys, since i tryed to reinstall Borderlands 3 i got the same issue over and over. When i first downloaded it, it had 70Gb and now over 200Gb?? I guess its an bug, but how to fix it? It stacks up permanently, when i get over 25% downloaded.

Originally near launch there was a bug that would download both the mac + pc version; i figure that might be whats happening here

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Oh this is bad, but its now at 20gb from !!347 and this cant be the size of 2, it must be more i guess :smiley:

Ok well its truly stacking the same version or adding in bloat. I’d suspect this is a bug with the epic loader rather than the original issue; might be worthwhile to file a ticket with epic

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I guess, youre right, at the start its the original ( 69,7GB) but now it stacks up every time, i´ll send them a ticket.

Try clearing your cache. Here’s also some other troubleshooting things to try.

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Ok, very thanks ! I done it now. I have to start on 91,3Gb is this the real size now of the game? How much do you have? :slight_smile: Maybe it works now

That sounds about right. 70ish for the game and 4 to 6 per dlc. Not in a place where I can check right now.

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Okay! Thanks :slight_smile: