Downloadale Content

I wrote a ticket on this item and am waiting for a response. i see all these add on for different quest we can now download for handsome jack game but when i go to the tab for downloads and click on it-they tell me immediately that i can’t be emulated that i should try later . it doesn’t make any difference if i try this in the morning or late at night or any minute of any day i always get the same answer. it doesn’t even try to connect. if your going to have something on there for better play and it just doesn’t work just remove it…maybe you could give us a code to enter somewhere to make it work

The Handsome Collection (which I assume is what you meant) includes all the downloadable DLCs, headhunter packs, and Digistruct peak, so you already have everything. The “Downloadable Content” in-game menu is buggy, unfortunately. The only extras you can purchase are the character head and skin packs.


thanks for your reply.i will pass this on to the other people i play with so it won’t be an issue with them either Have a Great Day with Jesus Bruce