Downloaded BL2 DLC not availabe in the fast travel

Not sure where to go with my question. Downloaded some DLC for both BL2 (Mercenary Day) and TPS (Aurelia). It appears that the content downloaded but cannot find Marcuses shop in the fast travel nor is Aurelia available as a new character.

Any help is appreciated. Again apologies is I’m outside protocol.

The 360 can be a bit touchy with downloadable content.

First off, did you purchase/download through the in-game “Downloads” menu or through the XBox store?
Second, are there multiple accounts on the 360, or just one?
Third, did you fully quit the game and restart it after the downloads?

If you restart both the 360 and then either game, and go into the “Downloads” in-game menu, what is the status message displayed in the top-right of the entry for the item you purchased? (Could be “available”, “purchased”, “installed”, or something else.)

Thanks VH101. Appreciate the assistance.

Purchased / downloaded via the downloads menu. Several profiles on our 360, only one has access to xboxlive.

The status reads “purchased”.

Thanks again.

OK. I’m just comparing to my BL2 game right now. Make sure you’re signed in as the account used to purchase the content, then start the game and go: Main game menu > Downloadable content.

When I select Headhunter 3: Mercenary Day, the entry says both “Purchased” (top-left of the tiem “card” that pops up when you scroll to the item) and “Installed” (top-right). While you’re at it, just double-check that you have only ONE compatibility pack installed (it may be easier to check that through Console > System > Storage > hard drive > Ganes & Apps > Borderlands 2)

If yours doesn’t match, try re-downloading it then fully quitting the game and restarting. If it still fails to say “Installed”, you may need to clear your system cache and try again.

The one time I had major issues with this was after replacing the 360 and migrating everything to the new one; I ended up having to delete all the content, backup the saves, clear the cache, do the licence transfer, then re-download everything. Hopefully, you can get this working without going to such lengths!