Downloading and Uploading Charater Question

I’m trying to get the sand hawk again but i finished the quest for it but my point is that what if i upload my Zer0 and upload it to another character that i don’t need and download the Zer0 again so I have two of them and what if I press reset on UHVM on the new Zer0 will it reset my original Zer0?

Not sure that I understand exactly what you mean by downloading, but to get the Sandhawk again on a character, you need to reset UVHM. It will reset all mission progress, but your level and gear will remain intact. This does not affect other characters. Example: You have a Melee Zero and a Sniper Zero, and decide that you wanna reset the Melee Zero. This will not affect your Sniper Zero, just the Melee Zero.

I mean downloading from the cross save

On the PS3/PS4 you can download back and forth (the 360 to XBox One is only one way) so I’m guessing that so long as you move the Sand Hawk to a different character, download that same Zero, get him a new Sand Hawk and then upload him again, then you will inded have two Sand Hawks- the one on the other character and the one on the currently uploaded Zero- but this is just a guess on my part…