Downloading Content - Issue with hosting

Hello there!

I know this issue is known but I have purchased HW:RC just for the multiplayer and it’s not working for me at all. 99% games hosted by me are stuck on “Downloading Content”. I have succeed with one or two games but one of the players has been kicked out at the end. Ergo - I am not able to play multipalyer at all. I thought that last update will fix the issue but it has not. I am guessing that it’s one of the most important bugs, it’s killing the whole multiplayer activity. When I am joining to any other games as a client it’s the same - the host is stuck so we all waiting on “waiting for other players” and then we start without host. It is possible to launch the game with no problems with chance like 5% but … I have no time for that. Is it that hard to fix that ONE issue? I am not pushing in other threads, I can wait for all other bugs to be fixed but this one… this one is the most impiortant thing to be fixed! It’s making the multipalyer activity become dead cause no one can host the game proerly. I have checked with couple of friends, all of them getting stuck on “Downloading content”.

Thank you.


hmm, it worked for me after the patch, but I have only tried 2 games (a 3v3 and a 4v4!) and asked the players not to use custom badges, but maybe I was just lucky

Try playing 1v1s in the meantime. I only have about a 50% chance of a team game loading without issue, but I have managed to play every single 1v1 game flawlessly, even since before the patch. At least that way you can play some sort of MP while waiting for them to fix the downloading content bug for good.

Thank you. After the patch I have succeeded with one game. And then all the games were stuck again. The 1v1 is working correctly but… It’s still 1v1 only. The post was made just to let the developers know that this issue should be considered as the most important in multiplayer game. All other bugs/threads should be corrected after that. It’s the main thing - creation of the game.