Downloading save files for console

When will console players be able to download save files like PC does. Its irritating that I have to do all the farming and pc players can just download most builds off moxsy or jolts

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You can’t, it breaches the console ToS (unless I’m mistaken) due to the way consoles encrypt saves and save file sharing has never been acceptable in Gearbox’s eyes.

On XB1 you can’t even access your individual save files to make your own backups through the system like you could with 360, so MS has pretty much ruled out what you’re asking for.

Also, I suspect that gearbox intend that folks get gear by playing the game.


Assuming you are not farming, PS4 allows for USB saves and cloud saves via PS Plus. I always back up my saves from history of getting corrupted characters. I lost 3 OP characters in BL2 and had enough. RIP Axton, Zer0, Krieg,…

(would of thought I learned my lesson 2nd time around but 3rd time was the charm)

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Dispite PC and the sponsored stream team frequently sharing save this is classified as Duplication of gear. This is as the mods above have stated 100% against TOS (Terms of Service)
Don’t ask me why the Borderlands Stream Team is allow to go on YouTube or Twitch and give links to their save files. It is extremely unfair and hypocritical. I do agree that anyone who dose in fact dup gear is simply cheating themselves. If you don’t want to farm gear anymore mu recommendation is to take a break from Borderlands and play some other games.


I play on PC and I prefer to farm my own gear, it gives a sense of accomplishment. But I have time to play at the moment, that’s not the case for everyone. Plus there’s the fact that consoles have a huge loading time, which makes repetitive farming runs even worse. I can imagine your pain.

This is a non-competitive game after all, and players just want to have fun. Some might say that we don’t need to play Mayhem 4. I think we do, as Mayhem 3 and below doesn’t provice much of a challenge hehe.

That’s true, but the right piece of gear can almost double your damage in BL3, and it’s extremely rare, like one in one thousand, which is the case of class mods. Unfortunatelly items in BL3 aren’t as balanced as in BL1 and BL2. The drop rates need to be tweaked, and loot needs to be split better between named bosses, because some of them have 2 or 3 specific drops in their loot pool, while other names bosses have none.

Millions*** or Hundreds of thousands*** (depending on the gear)

This! :pray:t2::joy:


Yeah, I didn’t want to make a scene about it, but it’s really insane lol.

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Yeah, I find it a bit odd, too, other than for the fact that gearbox only really have oversight on this place, not anywhere else. They can make their own rules here. They can’t on youtube. I dunno.

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Well since I’m already on the naughty list I’m gonna point out it is not…

It is actually normal for gaming companies to not take actions that would hurt the flow of viewers to their top streamers, Anthem caught alot of backlash after banning Datto for breaking their ToS by being nice.

This is right on its face but remember not to long ago Blizzard and Twitch both punished a torniment winner for speaking a political opinion, twitch wanted to stop streaming during a MTG torni over the same thing and Wizard of the coast stopped twitch from putting them in the same cross hairs as Blizzard.
If gearbox wanted to they could take steps to deter that type of duping but they don’t, it’s not like they have no relationship with Twitch or YouTube. We really went through a campaign making fun of God Kings only to be reminded that we are plebs, nice burn.
Is there any difference between the stream team and other streamers, or is it just the cool kids cult?


Honestly, I have as little to do with youtubers as possible, with a few exceptions, I can’t speak with any authority on this.


I don’t think many of them even realize they are the butt of the joke from GB.

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Was the Blizzard one the player expressing support for the HK protestors? I remember there were a couple of very big incidents around that.

account suspension : discussion of cheating

Yes, he showed support for Hong Kong after winning a hearthstone torni and they banned him for a year and revoked the prize money, I believe he was later given the money but I’m not :100:.
I think he was the one that put on a gas mask but I’ll have to did through my browser bookmarks.
Streamers having privileges and hoardes of businesses bowing to totalitarian states shouldn’t be conflated but it does prove they have some control on the matter. Or just keep confusing us their call.

Put simply I dont think duplicating items in any should be allowed and people who do should be punished, the whole point of borderlands is the farm.
I’ve said this before in another thread but people should have to earn their items. Whether through farming for it or Trading something you’ve picked up while farming but dont need with the item you do want. Otherwise the value of the item and the game its lost.
And to have streamer duplicate not just items but whole characters and play throughs for anyone so publicly is ridiculously mind blowing to me
Especially when you think if I want to have 2 max level fl4ks, 1 fade away and 1 gamma burst / 1 solo and 1 coop I have to create another character and go through the whole storyline again
Or keep changing my skill points and set up around.So if someone can explain why this is allowed that would be great :+1:


In this context trading should be disabled until we can have a guarantee that the item was indeed farmed by the player or has a unique id of some sort.

I do see the irony from streamers and GB. Oh well I’ve lost the level cap raise cause because it’s been like that in previous BL titles Same logic with this one as well. There’s no point arguing against it anymore. At least I myself have resigned from arguing against it because that’s how it is in the past.