[DP]Drunken Pirates - Report in

I had a thread up on the old forum, and with the new forum release it’s got lost into a Google search cache.

Anyway, [DP]shinobi here, but I’ll be [DP]spooner moving forward.

Not sure if you’re allowed to link to Steam profiles or not, so just send me a PM through these forums.


Arrrg another chance to show the DP what to do with a drunken sailor early in the morning.

Stick him in the srubbers with a hosepipe on him.

Shave his belly with a rusty razor … early in the morning

I’m an old Honor Guard (HG) clan member. I’m down to play with you guys on Steam, if you’re up for it. Unfortunately, it looks as though I can’t PM people until I gain “trust” within the forums, so I’m not sure how to hook up with you guys if we can’t share Steam info on here.

DP Brave here, Not sure what game this is for, but its good to see some names i recognize on here.
Steam profile Link:

feel free to hit me up mateys! arrrrrrrrrrr

teelan dp here…im back and will look for u in the lobbies

Overkill here! find me on steam as “Pryde” or this link if it works