DP surveryor fly thru wall and get stuck bug,

y’know gbx, this happens about 1/3 of the time solo. they fly though a mountain side, which your bullets collide with but they don’t and then they get stuck or they otherwise get stuck outside the map.

If one is lucky, a chain lightning, norfleet or mm can put them down, sometimes.

Was this added for ‘challenge’?

It’s a known issue, but seeing as how the last “real” hotfix was released over a year ago, don’t expect it to be fixed anytime soon.

I know, but each time it happens must. gripe. on. site.

I want to give somebody in dev a wedgie.

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Thats why you gotta love the chain lightning. Most of the times when that glitch occurs I just kill them with it.

tricky at op8

Sometimes it can be. Usually I get a lot of damage on them before the glitch happens

They are usually BA Surveyors so Chain lightning tickles them. I’ve never been able to kill them with anyone other than Sal dual wielding Topneaas. They regen faster than anyone else can shoot rockets.