Dpad Controls PS4

How do you set the weapon 1-4? I will lose the mark target, firing mode and mission select if i put it in dpad

I use the weapons on the D-Pad (PS4) and just make do without the mark target or mission select options.

You don’t lose out on the firing mode swap though, just need to hold the button down instead.

Is that what you were asking?

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Yeah i went with classic controls without the mark and mission select.

But i left the toggle mode in the 4th slot.

What do you mean by hold? If my up is assign to a weapon with firing mode can i hold the up button to switch? That will be awesome then.

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On Xbox you just hold Y to swap fire modes, so it should be hold whatever button swaps weapon on ps4


Exactly this.

Just hold down the triangle button for weapon mode switch if you’re using the ‘Classic’ control scheme.

It mode switches whatever weapon you have active.

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