DPAD in inventory - left/right don't work?

My wife and I are playing the pre-sequel part of this collection in split-screen and we noticed right away that in the inventory screen, the D-PAD only works for up and down. If you try use left and right, they don’t register at all.

I am not sure if this affects the non-split screen part of the game as we always play split-screen…

Using the analog stick works but we’re used to the D-PAD as it’s more accurate for scrolling through items.

If any more detail is needed let me know.

Passing along to the team! Thanks!

I have the same issue, but for me, this problem does not exclusively apply to the inventory, but also/especially to vending machines. I like using the d-pad since it feels easier in a discrete selection environment.
The exact problem:

  • the pre sequel, splitscreen mode, side-by-side
  • It works properly for the “sell” section (d-pad and stick)
  • When I want to use a vending machine, the d-pad does not switch the selection in the “buy” section.
  • In the “buy” section, I can only go from right to left (e.g. from a special offer to the regular ones), not left to right
  • If I use the d-pad up or down buttons, it selects my own items from the “sell” section (To explain it properly: When I try to select something from the buy menu by using the d-pad buttons, it will display the detail information of the items displayed in the -not visible- “sell”-section. It looks as if the selection-cursor just “jumped back” to the not visible sell-display.

It is not a high priority problem, but it is very annoying and adding to the list of problems with the release which annoy a lot as a whole…