🌠DPJ'S UPDATE on Takedown Postponed and a superb perspective. Great video!

This man is a Gem and deserves his following. Hes honest about issues bugs. Hes humble and understanding the plethora of diff poviews… He even addresses the ignorant statements I see even here on the boards. Hes talking about why its nessasary and explains things thoroughly. I think the community could benefit from hearing him out.

Wonderful Video.

Hats off to this dude. :heart:


The content creator makes great content I’ll give you that. However, anyone who has been following this game from launch knows the real reason they are postponing this. Personally, yes, I think it’s bcuz after so much backlash they are FINALLY doing testing and see how bad the fundamentals of this game are so they need more time to fix everything that the update will break.

MAYBE I would believe it was “for the greater good” like they claim if we didn’t know the history of RP.

I’m actually offended that they are using such a troubling time and situation as an excuse to delay this. Truth is they should have shutdown about 2 months ago and fixed what’s under the hood before even thinking of releasing anymore content.

Just throwing in my two pennies before everyone is silenced and while we still can give an opposing opinion. :blush:


I dont think they need more time. I think theyre ready and g2g.

Its unilateral about releases everywhete on everything every major gaming outlet etc. Everyones shutting out n down outta respect. Its unilateral that everyone wants everyone to pay attention. We’re going through history in the making. They dont wanna be a part of us ignoring it either.

I think what theyre doing is right. I dont have a conspiracy theory against gearbox. I believe theyre fully doing it outta respect n stuffs been ready.

I can wait. Historys happening right now.


People can just go play other games its not like bl3 is the only game in the world. Hope they accomplish whatever is they are trying to accomplish tho. I’ll just go play something else in the mean time.

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Is anyone making new releases today? How bout a corporate greed approach for you.

Do you wanna compete with the real news when every gaming outlet website has the same message everywhere.

Maybe tinfoil hat conspiracy… The they want the thems to comply so we the we’s cant * from the thems because they wont really let them.


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I have no idea what your saying dude.

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im all for GBX to support what they believe is good. What I can’t understand is the complete radio silence on the situation ont their own forums.


basically any release wants press. But all press even pcgamer has blacklives matter as a front page.

So im saying from a practical standpoint no one will truely give coverage. Because major press outlets which normaly promote gaming content are owned by giant parent companies with their own political and news related. Big ppl in charge that make the decisions. Right now theyre telling everybody look.

No company wants to be the one thats like ok something majors happening everywhere but look at our stuff! I was trying to speak alexjonesian as sarcasm. Someone would pick up on it later.

They top of the food chain media conglomerates. Them smaller companies that rely on conglomerates for coverage to sell stuff. We is we

Love you!

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I personally believe GBX is speaking the truth behind their reasoning for withholding any patches and the Takedown.

That is not to say I also believe there may be issues with their “patch” and/or the Takedown itself. Their track record has not been the best in this regard.

Either way, I respect them for what they are doing.


I respect it. Hats off to GBX.

Honestly they should have pushed it back anyway. There are too many issues that need to be worked out.


Delaying fixing their broken down game because they want good boi points. I love Borderlands, but I couldn’t respect Gearbox less. They are a complete joke.


Like part of me tugs towards what ur saying because i feel my own dissapointment and resent and the other is placated by what dpj said.

Im just trying to stay optimistic that itll get fix… And im one of the ppl who complained the most n loudest here.


I have been optimistic for 9 months and kinda down hill now.

I would have rather my wife got pregnant when the game came out and that way I could have been excited right now.


All i can say is lmao.
I got one.
If i had to look foward to two kids with roblox and other annoying contraptions id plan my suicide.

Im being sarcastic incase anyones wondering. Ppl love their children but… To hell with that ■■■■. I only know sleep when theyre at grandmas.

Edit: damn what if the gbx baby is late and it comes out all over developed with hair and a smoking habit or… Actually premees have more issues than late ones.


I am a huge fan of borderlands, this is the only game I played since the first day it was launched.

But Gearbox has made so many mistakes during this time, it starts to get difficult to swallow once again a new letdown. A lot of people might be having the feeling that there are other reasons behind it.

Anyway, different games will be at different stages. Borderlands 3 is at a state right now, that seems like a slap in the face to hear that a patch that would fix it does not have a date to be released due to external motives ( Im not saying that the external reasons are not valid)

Game is crashing like crazy for a lot of people, some achievements are broken since launch, the loot system is messed all over, ( 1 billion - 10) weapons are not scalled to face the difficult content of the game and so on…

We are not only fans but also customers.

The fan inside me will keep supporting this game which I love to death, but cant help to feel letdown as a customer.


I feel you… Ive been let down too… All i can do now is clutch my optimism i regained after i lost it. I was a negative cesspool forawhile.

I mean theres alot…alot i wanna say.

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OK, let’s examine the worst-case scenario here:

  • The Guardians wasn’t ready or introduced some serious bugs. GBX decided to delay the release to avoid a repeat of Mayhem 2.0.
  • Some poor intern was tasked with scouring the Intertoobs to find a story they could use as an excuse. A plane crash, tour bus colliding with a train full of orphans, a homeless dog, oh how about these protests?
  • Because good publicity is expensive as hell, 2K decides instead to spend an extra $1,000,000 on their 2K Foundations program, which helps disadvantaged communities, predominately of people of color.
  • GBX gets to save face by avoiding a bug-riddled release.
  • 2K gains another tax write-off.
  • Everyone at GBX and 2K gets tons of Intertoob points, plus that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from tricking people into thinking you’re a good person.
  • Oh, and some kids gain a small step up in a world that is heavily stacked against them. But that’s just an inconsequential and unavoidable side effect of pretending to care.

I’m all for dumping on GBX and 2K for how they have handled past updates, and the game as a whole. The RNG is out of control. More bugs than I can remember still plague the game. Every new update adds more bugs that makes split-screen play less and less bearable.

But in this instance, I fully support them. I don’t care if they needed more time for the patch. Or they did it for the Intertoob points. Or because it looks good on their taxes. Or if it’s how they justify missing their targets to their board members. I don’t care, because it was the right thing to do.

Yes, I’m disappointed that I have to wait. Class just finished up today and I was looking forward to dashing my hopes, dreams, pride, sanity, and characters against the rocks of the Guardians take down.

Yes, I’m disappointed, but at least I…can…breathe.


Why isn’t this thread being moved over to the off topic forum? Its peddling a political point and insulting those that disagree with it?


Because im not straight talking politics here or dehumanizing ppl.its about Gearboxes takedown announcement. Its about Dpj’s video and its a good positive video. Its explains gearboxes stance pretty well. It talks about ppls feelings and just whats human and right… All in relation to the game and gearbox.

If the video offends you so much please do flag it.
Hell flag any offtopic into massive politic speach crap to be moved.

I dont want that vitriol here.
This is nothing like that. The moderator did a superb job separating that from the topic.


DPJ is not completely useless but really nobody cares about his opinions dog.

bl3 dlc has nothing to do with blm movement ffs what is this pretending as if corporations care and how is postponing updates to a game that is in horrible state a political statement. LMAO gimme a break