DPS problem in game

Good evening,

I do not know where to put this topic so I go a little bit anyhow.

I am very disappointed for the past few days, I am tirelessly repeating the Gravedigger and I am facing a problem.

Indeed I kill the boss once and I leave my game and start again, which take time (relatively correct) but on my second coming, the boss is harder to kill! See even impossible to kill since the damage does not lower his life! It’s a world in a shoot game anyway ^^

If anyone has had this problem before, I’m happy to listen. I finished the main mission 2 times, my character is level 50 and I have a lot of legendary because normally I kill him in 3/4 machine gun loaders.

I wish you all a good evening and good game: D

Do you have Mayhem Mode on?

Yes sure, lvl 3

What about the modifiers?

Mayhem can add health to the boss or make your guns do less. So your DPS will change based on the mayhem modifiers.

Apart from increasing an enemies health, shield and damage output Mayham also introduces a set if modifiers on top. These can affect all kinds of factors and “make or break” your performance based on chance.

So its possible that you “rolled” -70% gun damage, -70% elemental damage and another -70% damage to the gun type you favor/use