DPS Siren OP8 Build Tips

Hey I am looking for a DPS Siren build at OP8. What should my skill tree look like, also What gear would work best for it? I’m assuming the Bee and the SandHawk, also a Norfleet, maybe a Butcher. If you have any input it would be welcome. Also if anyone could help me finish my OP levels I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for the help.
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Here you go - plenty to choose from!

Note that there are lots of siren resources available; you’ll find the links in the pinned post at the top of this Maya the Siren section.

For maximum DPS, spec in everything that boosts your damage output, slap on a Bee, a Sandhawk, a Bone of the Ancients and a Legendary Cat, and you’re good to go. The only place where you’ll actually need all that dps, is for certain raids and for the Peak.

For general mobbing, I recommend something more balanced. Something with good survivability, but still packing a punch. Let us know what you’re planning to take on, and we’ll see about getting you outfitted in a way that suits your playstyle.

Norfleet is good for getting out of FFYL, but there are other launchers that will take care of that, and that are also much easier to get. Using shotguns with the Bee isn’t as effective as using guns with unlisted projectiles, or plain single projectile guns.


Right now I’m planning on building something that I can use to go farming and possibly help others run the peak after I get my OP levels done.
I have a lot of my OP gear already. Mostly need a class Mod. Also need to finish my OP levels. (currently at OP2)

If you have any advice and a good pistol build for a Assassin that would also be helpful (I have on of those at OP5). I feel like my build is pretty crappy. Also doesn’t help that all my gear is OP3 (or lower).

Everything @Ronnie_Rayburn said but all Legendary COM’s are good for DPS - L Cat most of all ; and the SandHawk is the least affected by that COM’s accuracy penalties. The Binder tends to be ignored sometimes but it rips dudes too.

I would almost say those are your most important acquisition because they make all weapons great. I couldn’t imagine being without all three.

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What is the best way to look for a Legendary Cat? I have my SandHawks and Bee. Trying to round out the rest of my gear now.

Thank you for your help btw.

@Ronnie_Rayburn pretty much nailed it. I’d just clarify this: even in Digistruct Peak, there are only two places you’d “need” the Bee, and that’s just for saving your sanity against Dukino’s Mom and Saturns. Naturally, it’s the way to go for speed runs, but when you’re first working through it, you will probably find that you prefer a tanky shield.

Tubbies are the most reliable source

I’ve been using the Sham a lot lately as i kept dying a lot.

So just run the canyon behind Ellie’ in the Dust?

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Good thread here

Thank you everyone for the help and info. I really appreciate it.

Blockade, Antagonist, or a high capacity Absorb or Booster shield would be my recommendations. With Ward, Maya doesn’t have to worry much about long shield delay times, and Inertia further throws away that concern. She plays very well with high capacity shields.

I’ll make some time tonight and help you with more of those.

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Alright thank you. I should be on around 6pm PST.

Nice, same time zone.

Hell yes, Binder is my COM of choice. +5 in Suspensions means a 10 second PL, which in turn means that Subsequence is actually viable, and with +5 in Wreck and Reaper you’ve got 10 points in Maya’s two best damaging skills. Instead of a high-DPS weapon take a very high damaging weapon, like a Maliwan Snider or the Pimpernel, with that Reaper and Wreck Bonus plus auto slag from Ruin, you’ll be one-shotting just about everything and getting several procs from Subsequence, add to that the +5 in Helios and PL will be bouncing around killing smaller enemies while applying chip damage to larger ones that you can almost always one-shot, one PL usually clears a room.