DPUH & Norfleet?


Could someone fix me up with a double penetrating unkempt harold, and a norfleet?
Been farming for these on op8 for months now and I Just can’t seem to get these weapons.

Forgot to mention

I have a;

Shock/corrosive/non element infinity
Bladed grog nozzle
Storm (pearl)
Slag pimpernel
Thunderball fists
Conference call (non element)
Corrosive/fire plasma caster
Corrosive sand hawk
Slag rubi
Shock kitten
Legendary beserker/hoarder/gunzerker
Long bow fire bee
Homing pandemic
Fire storm
Antagonist (seraph)
Inflammable flame o.t. fire hawk
The bee

Can’t you just farm the torgue vending machines for a DPUH?

DPUH is the easiest legendary to get in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Norfleet however… I played for 3 years, killed Hyperius 100s of times and never got one.

Or ask here:

I got bored at farming the vendor after farming it for 6(!!!) Hours and never seeing 1 dpuh. Savage lee is a total and utter douch as he only drops greens whites or mostly just plain nothing. Been there done that (too long). Im (Just now a.t.m.) farming hype, i’m 4 hours in with a 1 hour break and ive got an arena thats filled with; White green blue purple and seraph weapons. And not even 1 single i dont care what it is Orange rarerety weapon. So yeah what you find ‘easy’ is a total b@tch for me. The up side off this full with weapons arena is that i got a slag and corrosive tattler, and a near perfect Evolution :wink:

edit wel this just happend… aparently 4 hours of hype loot is too much for the system :triumph:

I wouldn’t call it the easiest legendary to get. That goes to the flame of the fire hawk.
Also if the 2 hreads you pposting in can’t help you quickly I’ll hook you up.

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