Dr. Ted as a playable character for Borderlands 3

I’m posting this here because The Handsome Collection is the most recent Borderlands development besides the telltale game. This is mostly a suggestion to the DEVs for BL3. My cousin and I felt BL3 could have a support heavy character.(He can still hold his own of course).

Dr. TED/Theodore/Teddy/The Esteemed Doctor

Back-story/Background: In Fyrestone on Pandora Dr. Zed had a Twin, Dr. Ned. Though their mother loved them both she wanted triplets. To compensate for the lack of a third child she and her husband ‘adopt’ a child that looked similar enough to be their brother. Even though their mother ensured she loved the three of them equally, the twins never believed her. Their ‘brother’ was the favorite of their parents. Being the smartest, the most handsome, and the most successful there was no competition. He left Pandora to get a ‘real’ medical degree. Even with him off planet Dr. Zed and Dr. Ned still hated him. Dr. Ned took his hatred to the grave. Upon opening a Vault for Maliwan and discovering the means to create his OVERCHARGE kit they would betray him for the hidden Eridian Technology also inside. By killing all of his former co-workers he subsequently became a Vault Hunter. There would be only one place he could go for refuge. With Dr. Ted making his way back home maybe he can reconcile with the only family he has left.

Action Skill: Doctoral Overcharge
• Using his unique tech developed Ted can overcharge his own shields to be temporarily impervious. During this overcharge a heavy spray of electrical tethers can damage his enemies.

Skill Trees:
• Surgical Surge: A skill tree just for hp and melee buffs.
• Pain Prescription: A skill tree for enemy de-buffs and ally buffs.
• Chemical Excellence: A skill tree for elemental damage mainly electrical and caustic.

Design Suggestions:
• A doctor’s coat with a blue or red cross on the lapel and a Caduceus emblem on the back.
(Doesn’t need to be a full coat, it can be white jacket. We’re aiming for distinctiveness here!).
• Overcharge kit: If you should consider this far into the character it can be of your design DEVS.
• Combat Gear (he has to be capable of course).
• A mix of class and badass if you will.
• A doctor’s mask hung from his ears but lowered to his neck to see his face.
• Unique

This is only a tiny idea/suggestion for the DEVs. Take this as you will. My cousin and I lay a foundation here for you, the BL3 team must do the heavy lifting with their game developing brilliance.


I like your idea. I’d like to see him with a tree dedicated to multiplayer healing/buffs and personal healing/buffs, so you can switch when playing solo/multiplayer.

Some of the Dr Ted skill names would be very funny! (Buy Me a Drink Sometime; Eridium Eater; Shoot it a Lot; It was Ned; Six…Five Thousand Dollars)

There was another Dr Ted idea circulating on the forums. You could use it for some ideas if you like.

Little late for additions, but you never know.

Reminder: This thread was made for advocating the character ‘Dr.Ted’ for Borderlands 3.

I did read that post before starting this thread.

I’m more on the ‘character’ detail side than stats. I’m also not mad scientist heavy.

They even say Borderlands 3 is the BIG one. I’m going to need some heavy character depth.

One thing to keep in mind is that Borderlands 3 is going to be made specifically for next-gen so the game engine COULD BE different.

Anyone may post here for this character in the meantime.

Are you willing to join… The cult of Ted?

Is Ted Love? Is Ted Life?

I love the idea of having Ted as a playable character and having a REAL medical license.

I’m curios to see what his Melee will be. A carefully placed syringe? A whack with a bonesaw with the blunt end? Who knows.

I mean…if there’s some salty ambient dialogue between Zed and Ted…I’m IN!

We’re forgetting one major thing doctors…or at least surgeons use are scalpels. If you look online you can find combat or ‘field’ scalpels made. They are crazy sharp so being cut by a large one would be lethal.

Here we are talking about Dr. Ted and how awesome he is. Feel free to join.

We’re not supposed to talk about the forbidden brother.

This is an idea I only had recently. I know that Baha says that he is the ‘forbidden brother’ which leads me to believe that he did some kind of evil zombie experiment that even Ned and Zed could not forgive. I think his skill trees should be:
Healing based
Melee based
Undead based
With fight for your life enhancements, and maybe even resurrecting fallen foes, this is a path I could see Gearbox taking. Also, they could make some neat puns like:
Day Of The Ted
Dawn Of The Ted
The Ted Zone
Bring out your Ted
Ted Or Alive
Left for Ted
Red Ted Redemption
Ted Rising
The Walking Ted
Play Ted
Night Of The Living Ted