Draco, Plague & COMs


Sincerely interested as to why the Draco and Plague info cards weren’t corrected for this release. I wonder if it’s just too difficult to warrant the fix.

Anyone have an idea?

Obviously, it’s not even remotely important, but they reformatted the info cards to show all the wording (such as Mordecai’s Sniper COM) but not for the Draco or Plague.

Does anyone know if the fixed the Tank (Shield Recharge Rate), Hunter (Action Cooldown), Peace Keeper (Shield Recharge Rate) or Ranger (Team Accuracy Recovery) COMs?

Having loads of fun with this. Imported my leveled characters with all their awesome gear and yet I’ve felt inclined to start a fresh character.

Freshly-dropped Dracos will show correctly but imported ones will just have their rarity color corrected. (I don’t know about the Plague.) As for a reason why imported ones aren’t renamed Draco… who knows. Perhaps the import mechanism just wasn’t coded to do that. But that importing mechanism is not without its bugs that’s for sure (as my poor lost Bessie can attest to!)

Thank you for the response. I see that now on my Draco cards. Sorry about that.

My Avengers didn’t import.

Additionally, I can confirm that the Hunter COM is still broken.