Draconic eSports now recruiting

Hi Battleborn Community,

Draconic eSports is now recruiting a competitive team for battleborn to prepare for launch. We are looking for pc and console teams. To learn more about the benefits of joining and if you have any questions please email me at draconicesports@gmail.com. You can also check out our website at http://www.draconic.esportsify.com. We also plan on hosting tournaments for battleborn after release.

Thank you,
Owner of Draconic eSports

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I’m interested… however the link provided doesn’t take me to your team’s website. I’m potentially looking to join for Xbox One.

Update: I found your guy’s site. The link you posted may need to have the “www” removed in order for someone to be directed to your site using the link provided. Hope that helps.

Sent you an email regarding our team for PS4. Yes, the link did not work. I had to Google search and use the link from your Twitter page.

id like to join a pc competitive team. please let me know what i would need to do in order to register and get a spot.

Im down for getting some more info on the PS4 squad. I sent an email

i also sent an email in case thats needed.

Email sent