Draft character select timer is excessive

Draft is fun, but would it be possible to reduce the timer for banning and selecting characters in draft from 30 seconds down to 10-15 seconds?

As it stands, having to wait almost six minutes to start a match that might just be dropped immediately due to connectivity issues or quitters can be a bit of a time sink. Players know who they want to use and it typically doesn’t take long to select, especially if you are one of the last to pick. Additionally, Mics and the x button can both be used to telegraph your character and plan your team composition before the selection phase if needed. All the lengthy timer does is draw out the wait should anyone be AFK-in my experience players either pick virtually instantly or not at all.

If I’m not mistaken, Gearbox had something like what you are proposing on the initial rollout of draft back in January.

Everyone applauded the low time duration for versus draft!

Until they actually tried it first hand. Then everyone spazzed out and cried to the devs that it was too short and the devs increased it to the time selection that it is now.


I can see why it’s the length it is, since in a match I’m serious I need every second to consider my teams picks and enemy picks to make the best decision…
But they do need a ‘ready’ button so when everyone’s ready the match can skip the rest of the timers.
I wouldn’t be opposed to them lowering the timer, however. Keep it the same length in solo and draft q’s though.

Yeah, that was in the old char select mode before we had this char draft of sorts. it went from like 120 secs to 60 secs to 90 secs in the previous version. For the most part I’d say the gear/skin/taunt select shouldnt be so long. I’d even go so far as to say eliminate the second timer entirely - it’s be a type of punishment for those who wait to see what others pick (unless they only have one loadout/first loadout is generic)

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Yes! This would be nice. It’s already the standard on most mobas I’ve played.

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Comp is so important that I try to use that time to not only select my character but to discuss with my team what our team will look like and make adjustments based on the oppositions picks/bans. Ten seconds would not be enough time to do that.

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Ban pick times might be lower able but that’s about it. When picking I have to decide what role I need to feill with what character can counter what with what synergizes well with our team with what is my personal best pick to meet all this criteria

I want every second to factor all of this info before I commit