Draft mode Private matches only

Why take your best feature and throw it in the trash? it’s like you have this feature that could set you apart, have something that almost no other game is currently offering, and then you put it where 99% of your playerbase won’t even be able to touch it unless it’s to play against bots, which let’s face it, really really suck. really. I am really hoping that this is changed very shortly after it’s release (or even before it’s release) to allow us to play draft with people online. I realize captains draft has to be private and its the form of draft for people to be able to set up tournaments and such, but I can’t think of any reason regular draft had to follow the same route. If I was better (or any good at all, really) at editing/animating, I’d make a meme/gif with vernon dursley/gearbox telling harry/draft to go hide while company was over.

I’d love to be wrong about this, and hopefully I am, but It doesn’t seem that way from the stream.

You can have up to 10 man private matches (5v5), without bots.

They’ll release a Draft Mode for Public PvP soon after the patch, s’what I think they said; Captain’s Draft or w.e it’s called will be Private only.

I’m guessing depending on how the Draft Queue and mode does, will determine whether or not they support RANKED games, so I’m hoping that people like Draft Mode and play it a lot and stuff. I want Ranked games already.

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I think @jedc750 was referring to the fact that very few players can rustle up 9 friends. Even we can’t do it, and we’re pretty organized and try to recruit other Australian/NZer players when we see them.

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yes, which requires people to have a semi large amount of people in their gaming circle on at any given point they want to play, or have to set something up or find others who are organizing some event. you can’t just get on and play. i play with a couple of other people when they happen to be on, and there is next to no xb1 presence on this forum or the discord. so my options are to try to organize something spending who knows how much time to maybe get in a few games before someone has to go, or to play against bots. this goes for pretty much anyone who doesn’t have a large group to play with.

I’ve only tried twice to arrange 10-person private matches, once with Australians and once with forum members, and both times it was absolute hell to organize. I’ve sworn never to do it again. I’m sure it’s easier on PC using Discord, but the PSN party functionality and its clunky message system makes it a nightmare - and that’s before the logistics of people getting impatient, getting DC’d in lobby, disagreeing on which team to be on, etc.

And then the game loads and half the players are deep red bar anyway…

Oh, and another stray thought: in my experience from private matches, they’re such a rare occurrence that people avoid stacking teams with meta comps anyway - they just want to pick their personal favorites and have fun with friends. And people can always agree on team comps before the game starts.

Ironically, it’s public PVP that needs a draft system the most. But if it really is coming post-patch, there’s hope, right?

Ah, well there are always people on the Discord channel who are interested in doing private matches:


We’ll look back in a year at this historic moment and be like “I’m glad I stuck it out through all the hardships…”

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I went over that, there really isnt.

I got the impression from the stream that it wouldn’t be something that was unavailable all the time in public. Mostly I presume this is because they’re trying to avoid splitting the queues too much again, but they did talk about adding more queues during peak time or weekends based on population.

If the new player stuff helps with player retention we may be able to see it more often than just on the weekends, but honestly I’m figuring it would also be kinda confusing for new players as well, so I definitely don’t want it to replace the normal queues.

I guess what I’m saying is I disagree that they’re throwing it in the trash, I just think they want to make sure the features they add don’t accidentally HURT the game by splitting the playerbase and increasing queue times.


If you see me on shoot me an invite(I muted messages on both PS4 and phone) and I’ll help rustle some folks up!

They just need to unlock Lore aquiring in this and then it’s gonna be a great thing… at least for people like me that don’t want to have bad Matches desperately hunting the PvP only Lore.

Even back when it was bigger on Xbox we’d hit the 9 players mark and than have to dick around for an hour just to find the last dude. Or we’d have 10 dudes and they’d still dick around an hour.

this was the mode I was most hyped about (as you can probably tell) and now to only be able to play it against bots it’s almost a why bother. 70% of the people on here are ps4 and another 28.5% are PC. same thing on the discord.

Will need a special que for public pvp.
If it’s every mode peole will drop like flies because they won’t get to play their favorite characters.

So, a bit of misunderstanding here.

Ban/Pick Draft and Captain’s Draft will ALWAYS be available through Private Match.

We CAN apply these character selection modes to ANY queue.
EDIT: Any queue, meaning any Versus public queue button.

There will be a Ban/Pick queue (called “Versus Draft”) that will appear as a second queue shortly after this patch goes live. Quick Match will be the other queue, and will not have drafting as a part of character select. It will remain a queue for more casual play. (NOTE: This is the current plan. As you know, we can always change as needed.)

I’m not sure that we want to set Captain’s Draft on a queue with matchmaking. Captain’s Draft puts a lot of trust in a single captain to pay attention and make all the choices for the teams in bans and reserves. However, our system and design does support it, if we thing it’s a cool idea. Maybe we’ll try it for a limited time in the future.

How often draft mode stays available depends on how successful it is. I don’t think that Draft mode is for everyone, so I’m not sure it would take the place of a single multi-mode queue. Having it as a second option that caters to our more try-hard competitive players feels right.

A lot of how we proceed is up to you, the community.


So how will this work on Xbox? Three queues or is Incursion going to be moved into Quick Match? If Incursion is in Quick Match, I quit. I’m really hoping you keep quick match as is and just have draft mode for Incursion. You mentioned dynamic queues based on population in the stream, what I’m hoping for is Quick Match as it currently is (without Incursion), Incursion - Draft Mode, and then third queue when the dynamic queues allow it separates Face Off and Meltdown

So regular draft mode will be available in public match? in a most likely incursion form?

Confirmed Confirmation was confirmed

I will be testing out beatrix, and I will be playing a lot of draft. these two will probably coincide and I will have to call out sick for the next week. Who are you all pick/banning come 5est?? :sunglasses: