DRAFT PICK - implement for the competitive players

What is it? It’s an alternate way of playing Incursion (capture/Meltdown I guess, not sure if this mode would mesh well with those modes). Since the character roster is only 25 atm bans should only be 1 character per side. Which means currently Gali and w/e else can be banned.

After this, each team selects a character 1 by one taking turns. There can be no mirror characters as once one is chosen that character is locked for each other player.

Strategy, counter picking, synergy, and character knowledge play a crucial roles here. That one guy/girl that only knows how to play Oscar Mike will not fly here. Stick to the casual Blind Pick currently in the game.

In order to access this mode you should have at least 10 characters unlocked. Possibly even putting limitations, requiring a certain character level for a few of the characters.

FYI - I had twittered Randy P. and he had said this mode is a possibility and the game would evolve. Here’s hoping…

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I would not be against it. Competition is what will really keep the game going and adding something like this is meant for competition meaning that players will move over to the competitive side of things more and that the casual players will get the other modes a bit more.

Already confirmed that they’re working on this:

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Good to hear. If done right it will be a nice way to get rid of the OP characters from a team’s roster until they can be patched. This is especially apparent in games like LoL where each new hero that launches is OP (more appealing to potential buyers…). I don’t want to see BB go that same route, and if they do, Draft can temporarily alleviate with bans.

Long as it only applies to the pro leagues and ranked. I’m for it. Ill never play within the system being just happy with casual but yeah. Let the pros have their fun too. Go for it.

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This would also work nicely for casuals I think. Not sure about the banning though. It’s like taking out content for this or that reason like when only the favourite out of two maps get played. If there is only one OP character per match you can still break combos like Miko/Montana for example if one team picks OP Montana, the other team answers by taking Miko out of that combo.

I’d be against it for just normal matches mostly cause I just hate the idea of some biased fragger banning Kleese or one of my mains because “they don’t know how to counter em” I know it might happen and I’m leery of it. Granted I play half a dozen characters and have a roster of two from each type so I can be as versatile for my team as needed but still.

Kick the bans and just use a draft system and I’d be ok with it 100% but let the pros worry about the bans and stuff, not to my taste. Like I said I’m still for it because maybe then the’ll get off our case and go play competitively so the rest of us can just chill with good games. - Sorry Ranked guys, your all great but I’m tired of my teams surrendering cause they are getting hammered.-

And that’s why you learn to play more than a few characters :wink:

Really, you should be doing that anyway, certain characters work better in certain comps.

Um, maybe ya missed it but i said above I actually do play like 12 characters. so while it would not kill me gamers can be spiteful buggers and sometimes I just wanna play the character I want. so whatevs. if your into the draft idea great, Like I said drop it in ranked or pro play and keep it there. I’m not against ti there whatsoever.