Dragon 100 OPs HC Solo - Yup, pooosssible!

Want a real challenge?

I’ve been trying this, if the brutes on the roofs even sneeze Dragon is dying.

So, if you can pull this off …Whao! :smile:

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For even more fun (torture), try hardcore! Then, with 2 other Dragõns! You’re clearly not here to beat it easily, so why not also take minus damage reduction, health, and shield!

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You guys are evil.

Go on.


…My bad, I was referring to HC, I have done 100 OPs with Dragon just not solo HC.

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Oh okay, I thought you had just finished it and were trying hardcore lol, but wanted to post about the exhilaration of pulling it off
Did I mention this is the build you’d use?

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…I’ve done it 140 times now, HC with several melee characters, still don’t think 100 OPs HC is possible with Dragon solo.

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I almost want to bow, but I know it will be fruitless

Missed opportunity for ‘Not pooosssible’ in the title.


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It cheated me my 100 op because clothesline doesn’t count as a “skill” but this is my second attempt ever so it’s possible. You need Alamo so Aria doesn’t 1 shot you but it’s a game of constantly running around while spamming dragonsplash for regen and shields.


Points be made. Haven’t HC’d the OP yet, is 35 minutes high or about average?

higher since I have to kite a lot with Dragon.

That build hurt to look at. Reminds me just how bad El Dragon’s survival is and how there’s just no use for Uncanny or Welterweight or A LOT of his Helix.

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…I got the feeling that build was more about the 40 ads that are on that page.
One of the worst forums I’ve ever seen, never going back to that site.

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…Ouch! Well done!

…Done, excellent suggestion.

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Very high. Solo hardcore doesn’t really take much longer than solo non-hardcore for most characters. 20 minutes is probably an average 100 ops non-hardcore run (mine usually take around 18 and change).

So this was significantly easier than I expected it to be. For reference, my build (never actually hit level 10), and my loadout: Survivor’s Regroth Serum, Survivor’s Eldrid Bio-Weave, and Fortifying Ekkuni Wristguard. No legendaries, to spice things up. All max-stat except for the last one, which I have at +205 health or something like that (close, but not quite perfect). Fairly standard Hardcore survivability build.

This was actually my second attempt. I suicided on the first attempt because apparently none of his skills count as skills (killed one elite bot with dragon splash and the other with the En Fuego initial burst, but no dice).

Side quests: Kill 5 snipers, kill 4 snipers, avoid the hover tank (this one sucked, but I was able to knock boom bots into one and eventually lure the other out of the path for an En Fuego stun and kill), and kill 3 snipers with melee.




Video of the Aria fight, if you’re interested. Not much interesting happened. Just ran circles around her and punched her face mostly, avoiding her when I knew a big attack was inbound. Only so many ads can spawn at once, so I made half of an effort to keep gunners alive as they are the least annoying.


…Daaaaang! :sunny:

Just had to go and make me feel bad about my run huh… Q.Q Guess I’ll just have to 1 up you and beat it with white gear :grin:

Riv and I just tested him again.
I still don’t see how you kept him alive around the brutes during the second challenge.
The ones that spawn in the graveyard killed me three times just now.
Hard to get behind them because of all the obstacles there.