Dragon 100 OPs HC Solo - Yup, pooosssible!

Free -health gear or gtfo :wink:

I mainly just initiated with the knockup and then aimed for the head/back while they recovered. Dragon splash with DoT on them also seems to stagger them more often than not. Also, clapping with the boosted range towards their knees also seemed to produce a stagger like it normally would when shooting their knees.

…Thanks. I didn’t go with clap last time.
Was interesting to use it on Helix10, Aria just laughed at that ball of spit I thru at her.

One thing to keep in mind about the clap extension helix is that, for some wacky reason that makes no sense to me whatsoever, it can crit at range. Useful for advancing suicide bombers.


Yup, back peddle and clap is what I do with those, boom bots you can just splash.