Dragon Age: Inquisition

A thread for discussing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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I’ve been playing for about fifty something hours and my only two complaints are it’s heavily Chantry based and it’s overwhelming. You’ll be going along, beat one area, let’s say the Fallow Mire, feeling really good, do a storyline mission and you’ll gain triple what you have. The cast of companions is fantastic, the soundtrack is there, the gameplay is like a mix of both of the previous titles. It’s tactical yet fast paced. I’ve really liked it so far. And the no healing thing worked out really well. With or as a mage, you can focus on the fun part of being said mage without the Creation tree being a thing.

I’m still hoping they will make Leliana, Morrigan and Cullen apart of your companions.

Really a lot of content in this game… overwhelming isn’t enough to describe it. Playing as a mage right now, can’t say it’s good or bad but probably I would have preferred a warrior or rougue. Still the Knight Enchanter route can save me, maybe, especially at nightmare it’s hard to solo anything as a mage (lv 12 by now).

Knight Enchanter with Vivienne, I like that spirit energy sword she can do. Thinking about making a human mage and going that route as well. I have no interest in Rift maging and Dorian has proven himself pretty damn useful as a necromancer.

I was going to take my elf mage chick knight enchanter. That tree is awesome. Rift mage was pretty weak.

I was the Ice tree had better attacks in it. There’s only a handful of decent ones and the other abilities are kinda weak. Ice armor, I’m looking at you. Not really a fan of the ice/fire mines either. Blizzard is pretty awesome though.

I mainly just spec fire/lightning and enough in spirit to get res for dragon fights, unless they’re my designated “healer”. I do miss the lack of actual healing.

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I don’t miss healing at all. It’s all about that strategy now.

Ive been wanting this title for a bit now I love strategy been watching the twitch streams on it.

I miss being able to set what parameters caused my group to use potions. Origins had it perfectly. Don’t drink a potion unless you’re at like 10 percent health lol. In dragon fights, they’re chugging them like crazy. I just use the regeneration potions, because they use the normal health potions.

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Fantastic game and a worthy sequel to Origins. I spent a little over 100 hours soaking in the beautiful world of DA:I during my adventure and loved every minute of it.

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Started my mage. Level 9ish. It’s ok so far. I miss being able to kill things quickly as a rogue lol. Staying back does give me a better view of the battlefield though. I’ve been using the tactical mode to view enemies’ weaknesses. Before, it just boiled down to STAB HARDER lol. Now, I see that bears don’t like fire. Good to know. IMMOLATION!!!

Yep happened to me too: I mostly followed gameplays and those verted on rougue assassins killing everything in a second, then grabbed the game and started as a mage… obviously picked up fire and some fancy lightning skill after. Human too because +1 point from the start is just too good, then barriers spam and now I sometimes play with just 3 mages and 1 tank-warrior.
Trying out some assassins and archers too but the show that a lot of mages can put out is just riddiculous to see.
Still… dang I saw those rogues almost one-shotting dragons and got a bit angry at that.
Oh suggestion: pick up that mission which grants a special weapon for your class, I just got a unique fire staff with 108DPS at level 10! The better I had before was 50ish or so…

Yeah, my assassin was human. It got to where I had basically maxed my assassin path, most of the dual wield, a few in stealth, and a few in the poison path, to the point where I was literally just putting points wherever, I had so many lol.

I went with elf for the different dialogue and the ranged defense boost helps with being a mage. Archers are usually the only ones bothering me. I’ll use the Attack My Target command before every battle to make sure I’m not the one getting hit lol.

I’m mostly lightning, with a few in fire, one in ice, and enough in spirit to help with barriers/plus, that auto-barrier when close to death.

I usually will craft most of my gear unless it’s a pretty sweet rare or something.

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My Artificer is now level 22. I’m almost done with all the dragons and I almost have all the areas completed so far. Progressing in the story line doesn’t concern me right now. Doing Emprius Du Lion or whatever it’s called. I love all the upgrades to Bianca. It’s like customizing a gun.

Killing a dragon was a hell of a lot easier as a rogue than a mage. Almost have Knight-Enchanter open, so am excited about that.

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Slayed all the dragons on my rogue. I agree @UntilValhalla, I’m also going to go Knight Enchanter when I make my mage. I love the Spirit Sword on Vivi too ■■■■■■■ much.

Has anybody tried multiplayer? I found it to be laggy? Is that common?

I love the ominous atmosphere of Crestwood. Also, just noticed a giant-ass cheese wheel behind the locked house.

I am digging the fact that you can Dispel fade rift spawns before they materialize. Saves a lot of demon slaying, especially using two mages and Cassandra.

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Emerald Graves was my favorite location, I want the Arbor Wilds to be open. Those Sentinels are ■■■■■■■ awesome. I still want Morrigan, Leliana and Cullen as party mates. Morrigan is very nice. I like her in game model. Hasn’t changed much and Claudia Black #megacrush

The Arbor Wilds though were awesome. I have Corypheus is left for me to kill at like 90 something hours. I almost got all the achievements too. I love a good solid team of Iron Bull, Sera/Varric and Dorian/Vivienne. My Dorian is better but I love Vivi and Varric is you know…

Did you kill Hawke or save the Wardens? - that by far was the toughest call I had to make in the entire game.

I’ve no clue how to do spoiler tags on mobile on here so I’ll be vague lol.

The hardest choice for me was Bull’s personal quest decision. This second playthrough I didn’t take the alliance and it felt like the right call.

Stroud stayed behind, for me.

Did you drink from a certain well? I’m glad I didn’t, after seeing what happens.

My team this playthrough is Sera (romance), Dorian (he’s awesome and his quips are funny), and either Cassandra (if I need important conversation choices/Inquisition dialogue) or Blackwall (if I need a tough bastard to tank dragons.) Vivienne complicates things because she’s all “Mages need circles/templars” and, seeing as I’m going pro-mage freedom AS a mage, she’s not helping lol. I used Varric a lot for my first playthrough, so I’m holding off using him. I need to use Cole more often, so I’ll take him on easy missions or mop-up collectiony stuff for his group banter.

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I got spoiled on earlier that Solas is the Dread Wolf so I stayed away from his romance for elfy reasons (that and my character was gay so…)… I went with Josephine (no shocker, I’ve loved Scribbles since development) but Sera and Bull were other choices that were hard to pick from. But Bull goes with Dorian and those two are a ■■■■■■■ riot together. Me and Sera had pride cookies on the roof so that was good for me. Plus if you can actually understand Sera and Cole, they are really unique characters. It’s hard at first but you get use to it. I love Vivienne but nothing I do is working for her. I don’t think the Circles should be reinstated, fight about that, I don’t think the Templar Order needs to come back, fight about that. What is it? Your mage but ugh, so yeah I see your point.

I took Cole for the Greater Mistral only time I didn’t use Warriors in a dragon fight, when surprisingly well despite me being 3 levels ahead of the Mistral at the time… Cole is a glass cannon character. He wrecks things but he’s very weak, very weak. Probably the weakest character of the bunch. But despite me liking him and all, I’ve rarely use Blackwall. I got the Mage Hunter and Caliban on Cassandra and Blackwall is just like unequipped. I have a legendary handaxe and a shield on him but yeah… haven’t really found use for him. Cassandra and Iron Bull are the better dragon hunters, it’s in Cassie’s blood and Bull just enjoys it.